Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Partisan Judge?

All these liberals and open border people have been brainwashed and pull the most outrageous antics  against Donald Trump. All of them must have a copy of Rules for Radicals. They keep bringing up anything that might stick, like a Russian connection, to set his agenda back, an agenda that catapulted him into office.

In the meantime, the liberal 9th Court has stayed a few of his executive orders, the last one on sanctuary cities by issuing an injunction. The judge said that the government can't stop grants to these cities even if they are not abiding by federal law. Hopefully, over the next four years, many of these liberal judges will be gone.

"Just how many Barack Hussein sycophants are there on the bench of the 9th Circuit? They seem to keep turning up, usurping President Trump’s executive authority, which is, by the way, unconstitutional, and certainly justifies impeachment.

William Orrick is not a judge. He is a partisan political hack. Judges are impartial and objective. So partisan is William Orrick that he bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for Barack Hussein. No one who does that should be sitting in judgment of an opponent of Hussein’s insane policies. Orrick should have at least recused himself. I have never seen a more clear cut need for recusal.

Read more... and you know that liberals will justify Orrick's decision or the media will not report on it. Are our courts corrupt? Can we trust anyone or anything anymore in America?


Anonymous said...

Who needs liberals? Let's get rid of them once and for all and establish a country where we are first and everybody thinks like us. All this tension and arguing is destroying us and it's totally their fault. If they weren't allowed to live here, things would be so much better. We can put them in separate states or just tell them to leave our country. I'm not sure why no one but you and I are thinking like this.

Lynn Anderson said...

No one is thinking like that other than progressives, liberals and Democrats. Let's just get down to the nitty, gritty truth here.

Anonymous said...

LOL we can't have a separate state just for Libs. Even if we did,we would eventually have to go in and help them.Lib-Land would turn out to be a disaster for people living there,like Cuba or Venezuela. Eventually Libs would start sneaking over the border into Sane America. Can you imagine the Libs cooming over the border crying"we just want a better life for our families!" LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

We'd build a wall, Anonymous. We need to make America great again and the only way you do that is get rid of the liberals. Lynn calls them terrorists and I agree totally with her. That's why I read her blog. She and I share the same brain, so to speak. America needs to only have Republicans in it!!!

Lynn Anderson said...

@9:02 LOL, so to speak.