Friday, April 21, 2017

Olympic Pool Lake Worth beach

"Sun and other environmental elements can cause drying, flaking and cracks when a pool is left drained.

It is however, most important not to underestimate the potential for wall damage and cracks due to pressure applied on the walls related to ground water. This factor is extremely important even in existing pools. Any reputable pool construction firm or pool maintenance company will not guarantee you a crack-free pool if your groundwater source isn't completely controlled prior to undertaking any pool draining efforts."

So, the question is, how will the city keep our Olympic pool from cracking? Do we have a problem with ground water?  Was an engineer brought in to determine this? Or is this just the first step to taking out our pool? I think we all can figure out what the city wants to do.

How to check for leaks


Anonymous said...

working in pool building for many years never heard of a guarente the pool will not crack if empty.its a sham

Anonymous said...

It's not smart to piss off the state like Bornstein did. Not only will the Lake Worth taxpayers be on the hook for 200,000 but we will lose all further grant money from the state.When the people from the state see our pool they are going to $hit bricks!

Anonymous said...

The city better close it and fill it in fast then