Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FDRAP Grant to Lake Worth in 2008 for our Pool

Back in 2008, the City of Lake Worth signed a DEP agreement F6124 pertaining to our pool. This involved a grant from the Florida Department Recreational Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) as follows:

There were definite stipulations for taking this money:
Limitation of Use/Site Dedication

DEP Agreement

On February 23, 2017, The Land and Recreation Grants Section at the State of Florida contacted City Manager Bornstein:

Michael, Please see the attached Limitation of Use Form and Grant Agreement for the above referenced project was awarded $200,000 in Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) funds for renovation of pool facilities. Our office has been notified by a Citizen’s Complaint of the poor maintenance conditions of the pool and also City meetings to revert the pool facilities. Referenced in paragraph 32 are the required site dedications and maintenance conditions. We are making the City of Lake Worth aware of the FRDAP grant program post completion responsibilities and requests a response within 10 business days. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.
Tamika Bass
Tamika Bass, FCCM
Community Assistance Consultant
Land and Recreation Grants Section
After not hearing back from the city, ten days later, the State called Mr.Bornstein and left word with him and his assistant. Yesterday, the City sent their response:
City Response

" We have received a notice from the City of Lake Worth, informing us the temporary closure of the pool due to safety concerns. Please see the attached letter, a special workshop will be held to resolve the issue. We have asked the City to provide us with a timeframe for reopening once a resolution has been met. We will keep you posted. If you have any further concerns, please contact us Thanks~ Tamika Bass"

Even the external auditors recognize the value of our pool when they wrote in their recent report: The quarter-mile, municipally owned beach complex, which has an ocean fishing pier, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and ocean front shops and restaurants, makes this area a popular attraction for residents and tourists alike.


Anonymous said...

If the city decides not to go forward in repairing our pool, they will have to pay back the grant. That is peanuts when they just got 40 million from the taxpayers. They will find a way. maybe complain to the state and get it forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Some letter from Bornstein. Get in touch with the grants analyst. Really?

Anonymous said...

how long is it going to take for the citizens see that the fab'4'of these azzs are screwing us at every turn

Anonymous said...

Can everyone please call the number shown and tell them what a lying DICK Bornstein is? From the day the stepped foot in our town he has referred to our pool as a white elephant. Maxwell hired him so Hudson Holdings would be handed our public beach. I bet the A-holes vomited when they found out about this. Uhoh- Luuuuucy you got some splainen to do !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These guys are so arrogant that they think they don't even have to respond to the state personnel . How embarrassing is that behavior??? Don't they know that we could lose our funding? Maybe they don't care. After all we citizens (the walking wallets) can always cough up more money for them to waste.

Anonymous said...

We have the most wonderful Olympic pool on the east coast of Florida. Hey, Juan, why aren't you taking care of it?

Rex said...

Glad to see FRDAP is putting Bornstein's feet to the fire re his negligence and mismanagement.

Look forward to repair and reopening of the pool soon.

Anonymous said...

"the property is hereby dedicated to the public in perpetuity as an outdoor recreation area for the use and benefit of the general public."

Does that mean it must remain a pool?

Vito said...

A garage is a recreation area for the benefit of robbers and rapists who would benefit by an area in which to operate.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at how much our overall budget has grown and how maintenances for the pool like the roads have PURPOSELY been defunding the much needed repairs and such! I see the city has lot of new vehicles, they all gave themselves raises and to boot the cm ordered the water park game plan with no approval and it cost 12,000!!!!!!. He is the one behind all of this. The pool could easily be repaired. The ghastly water park would cost the city 50k per month for employees and maintenance alone---what a joke and waste of taxpayer money. It is just a smoke screen I believe for something worse to happen like the almost hh giveaway! Look at lake Lytal pool, built by the same company at the same time as our pool! It is still a beautiful, well used facility because it has been maintained and even more importantly managed correctly! Here lies the problem, the nuts we have in charge do NOT know how to run a town! We have not turned any corners, things haven't really gotten better here! Drugs hookers and a laughing stock to others, that's what we are under these supposed leaders!