Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Forelorn Left

Democrats always want something to bitch about when it comes to President Trump. They will rally around any trumped up cause for an excuse to demonstrate. Now it's Income Tax day. And so many Democrats are on welfare with their entire lives subsidized. They still hate it that he has not released his tax returns.

Nearly one-fifth of the U.S. population, or 52.2 million people, received some kind of means-tested public assistance every month with over 7 million people unemployed. These protesters don't care that Trump is trying to bring back jobs to this country--many probably don't want a job. They're probably the ones obsessed the most and screaming the loudest.

“Democratic Party operatives are planning over 100 ‘tax marches’ across America this Saturday, demanding that Donald Trump release his full tax returns and opposing proposed cuts to federal tax." Of course, they don't want their free lunch to disappear.

"This is just the latest stunt being perpetrated by America’s forlorn leftists, who are still yearning for the disastrous and traitorous leadership of Barack Obama or, Heaven help us, Hillary Clinton, whose own trove of financial disclosures via Wikileaks practically sunk her presidential campaign and any future plans for an office in Washington D.C."

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