Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"We lost $50k" says Stellar Aviation

Stellar Aviation in the Lantana Airport, located on the west side of Lake Osborne, says it's lost $50k due to President Trump's visit. But the residents living near the airport have lost their quiet enjoyment. I can certainly sympathize with Donald Trump with commercial jets flying over Mar-A-Lago from PBIA.

"Stellar Aviation is the “fixed base operator,” and the landlord of sorts, for several businesses that operate at the airport, which has been listed as the 10th busiest “general aviation” air facility in the nation."

And it sure has had its helicopters buzzing all the houses out this way. Their argument over the years is, you shouldn't have moved close to an airport if you didn't like noise.  Well, we don't like al Qaeda training there either and bringing down our Twin Towers. The problem is, there weren't helicopters back then when it first opened. The airport expanded during the 1980's. Most of these houses were built before then. Now there is more traffic and more noise and from what I have been told, residents of ROLO and Lake Osborne Heights' complaints are and have been falling on deaf ears for way too long.

Although we sympathize that Stellar has lost money because of our president visiting his home and flights there are suspended while he is here, we residents are going to get a reprieve on annoying helicopter noise that the managers there seem to ignore.

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Anonymous said...

Non compliant helicopter training going on.

Anonymous said...

His attitude towards the neighbors is "too bad. Move if you don't like the noise".The neighbors have always existed in harmony with Lantana airport until the helicopters moved in. Hope Trump is here every weekend.
Toby's Tires,Cat Butt Florida

Anonymous said...

If there's one company I'd like to see go out of business, it's Stellar Aviation. Who are they training in those rickety planes that could come down on Congress Avenue at any second. 50K, it's not enough! I wish they would lose their licence to operate in a neighborhood with such a high population density. Let them go to Wyoming. There's plenty of room there. Why does every square inch of land have to be developed with some crappy enterprise. I wish Trump would visit every weekend, and they would lose 100K next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ron Miller from Stellar Aviation is a rude A-hole.
Toby's Tires Cat Butt Florida