Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Quote of the Day - Pam Triolo

"...this was the will of the people.  It was a vote."

~ Mayor Pam Triolo

The mayor was talking about the state-wide vote on Medical Marijuana. The city attorney had suggested a moratorium for six months to a year. There are two facilities ready to open dispensaries in the city. The item will be on the next commission agenda scheduled for February 21 for public input.

This comment struck me as ironic when you consider the Heights Amendment that was won at the ballot box that allowed up to 45 feet in our downtown area. This "visionary" commission ignored the will of the people and to this day, it is still in legal limbo as they fight the very people they serve.

Respecting the will of the people lies at the heart of any democratic system. We didn't get that in Lake Worth on our Heights Charter Amendment.


Anonymous said...

I bet there will be a lot more dispensaries waiting to come to LW. This is where all the addicts are.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Triolo,it was also the will of the people when we overwhelmingly voted for the 45 foot height limit in our down town corridor.You spit on "the will of the people" that time. Why don't you drop the city lawsuit against the people trying to uphold "the will of the people " on the heights limits? Hudson Holdings has. So why are you still willfully wasting my tax dollars to fight "the will of the people" ?
Instead you throw in behind a federally illegal enterprise that is going to bring thugs with guns and no regards for peoples lives trying to rob the place? The blood will be on your hands Pam.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for an explosion of lowlife. Watch out on the road as potheads will drive under the influence. Look forward to youth killing what few braincells they have.

Weetha Peebull said...

Yep - all this has happened in the states that made it legal...NOT!

It's the tax base created that feeds the bully trio in grant money.
Follow the money - find the truth! I hear Colorado is actually
having trouble spending the money because they have a state law that
requires the surplus to be returned to the taxpayer!

Pam can speak w/a fork tongue because it's....(wait for it)...
"Moving Us Forward"...Wherever the hell "Forward" is!?!

This is about medicine for KIDS SUFFERING (some) to DEATH!
Parents will do anything to save their kids and it's natures weed!

Anonymous said...

pam, scott, and andy are probably all big pot heads thinking that rules and laws are for all the rest. A bunch of hypocrites! You cannot trust any of these ones. Now they want omari and munsterson to be part of their group, did you see that old car on lake worth road with all their signs on it parked across from El Bodegon? Dios mio!

Anonymous said...

Still spreading the same tired old lie about the heights vote? Your hated trio can't overrule your dear conservative governer's law. You lost. You tried to use the same tired old lie during the last election. You lost. Learn a lesson. Losers always lose no matter how much they lie.

Anonymous said...

No the biggest losers are the LW citizens who have to pay more now for their elected officials who gave themselves 70-90% raise increases and who do not enforce laws allowing this city to be a sanctuary city. The citizens are the real losers 4:21PM. Our government, elected, management just do not listen to citizens at all these days, we are the real losers, so sad for our city as a whole and democrazy.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you ever remember voting to legalize Poppies for medical opium use. This is a ruse, pure and simple. The people on the legalize side of this issue, could care less about sick and dying children, or anybody else. All they want is to get that filth on the streets so they can get rich selling it to unscrupulous people who will in turn sell it to children who will then become sick and dying from some other drug.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 10:46 am. I think you've nailed it. Let's have medical waste from the dispensaries to add to the mix.