Monday, February 13, 2017

Our Lake Worth Pool being condemned?

What in the heck will this guy do?

Well, everything the city has done of late is leading up to the latest skuttlebutt that our pool will be condemned. The mentality is that it's cheaper to bulldoze something than fix it. Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell has wanted to see the entire operation fail from the beginning and is backing candidates for election who must have his values. He voted to operate our beach complex in the red instead of raising fees!

I wrote the Leisure Services Director regarding this and here is the e-mail exchange:

On Feb 12, 2017, at 12:42 PM, Lynn Anderson wrote:
Hi Juan-
Can you address the latest rumor that the city is moving to condemn our pool as well as the locker room building or have already done so?
Lynn Anderson

I don't enjoy addressing rumors cause I'd spend the majority of my day doing just that. I encourage everyone to attend the Commission meeting on the 21st when the pool will be discussed. Until then, the City's goal is to keep City staff and the public safe from any potential issues arising from a facility that needs significant repairs.
Thank you,
Juan Ruiz
Leisure Services Director
City of Lake Worth, FL 33460

Where there's a rumor, there's usually fire. The city likes to sneak up on the citizens and lower booms. So all of you who have been trying to make the city maintain its assets and want our pool to stay in place, please come to the meeting.

Also, ask all our commissioners as well as the candidates who knock on your door what their position is on this great asset, our Olympic pool..

How dare the city continue along this vein and not spend one dime on maintenance...not advertise our pool...not have it opened regular hours...and now put people out of work and residents and visitors without a pool. Our pool is an amenity. No one ever said it had to support itself. The city spent plenty of money at the LW Municipal Gym. If they can do that, they can do it at our pool, a pool loved by all.


Anonymous said...

Are we going through this shit again? A-holes.

Anonymous said...

OMG that's Wes Blackman. Knowing him, he will want the pool filled in with concrete and HH taking over the property.

Anonymous said...

Leave our pool alone,,,Make the repairs,,,Create a budget. Stop.

Carol said...

Condescending reply by Juan Ruiz. All he had to say was come to the next commission meeting, that he was not free to discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bornstein, who authorized spending taxpayer money on a report that sounds very much like Greater Bay's, a company you paid $1.6 million to that tried to ruin our beach casino complex.

Anonymous said...

I challenge Mayor Pam Triolo, Commissioner Scott Maxwell and Commissioner Andy Amoroso to have their businesses run under the same hours they have imposed on our pool. Would Pam Scott and Andy make money? Hell no they wouldn't ! Take care of our pool you corrupt A-holes!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to let Lynn publish both my question to our city manager about the pool and his very nasty reply to me.I mean, who in the hell are we little peons to question what is happening in OUR city with OUR tax dollars,right?Katie Mcgiveron

Anonymous said...