Monday, February 6, 2017

Libs are freaking out

Keeping Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive... for at least four more years.


Anonymous said...

Obama tried to get Ruthie to retire but she said "Fuc$ off ,Barry".Pretty brave (or stupid) words considering what happened to Scalia.

Anonymous said...

Don't think she's going to make it 8 years. Probably won't make it to 4. And all the conservatives on the court had better keep security with them going forward. No trips to remote locales without the guards. Oh, and they probably need testers for their food and drinks. The devil is on the move. He struck once, and is looking to strike again.

Anonymous said...

The unclean one and his boyfriend have left the White House. Scalia was murdered by the Dems because they knew what was coming.Trump is God's anointed to save his chosen country ,America.Trump will choose not one,not three, but five Supreme court judges.This will be a message from God to the world to show his favor in Trump.