Sunday, February 5, 2017

Democrat's censorhip plan about to change?

For decades, American pastors have been virtually silenced by an archaic rule that has been in effect for over a half century that precludes them from talking about politics.

But with a new boss in town by the name of President Trump, it looks like things are about to change ...

On Wednesday, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., introduced into the Senate the Free Speech Fairness Act, which would restore to nonprofits and houses of worship the freedom to speak about electoral activity.

Democrat's Censorship plan back before congress


Lynn Anderson said...

To the total A-hole who just Attempted to post here...please go to an Alt-Left communist blog...I don't want you here.
Next, try writing a blog, PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Pastors of black churches have been breaking this rule for decades. After very political sermons, they bus their entire congregations to the polls for early voting after service on Sundays. It is so widespread that it has a name. Souls to the Polls. What President Trump is doing is just leveling the playing field here.

Anonymous said...

Yea level the field s***t em all