Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dangerous Socialists lashing out at Trump

Protesters nationwide have vowed to “Bash the FASH” in the wake of Donald Trump’s controversial presidency, and it appears a spirited group of left wing “social extremists” at the University of Central Florida have taken the phrase quite literally. On Friday, UCF’s Knights for Socialism gathered around to physically bash President Donald Trump’s face in using baseball bats, inviting children to join along in the protest as well.

UCF’s Knights of Socialism group gathered at the university’s Orlando campus for their “Whack-A-Trump” event, where students could take a baseball bat directly to Trump and his Cabinet member’s faces. The group is the same one which promoted a "Leftist Fight Club" which taught students how to fight Trump supporters last week.

We have some with this ideology who live right here in Lake Worth.

Read about the dangerous whack jobs...

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and we are worried about terrorists from 7 other countries.they are already here