Wednesday, February 8, 2017

12 Year old harrassed for wearing Trump cap

Children don't have role model parents anymore. They allow their kids to bully just like they themselves are doing everyday on Facebook and talking hate at the dinner table. Oh, that's right, few kids today have a family nightly dinner together. The culture has changed and kids now are insolent with their noses into their cell phones being influenced by all the other bratty kids. They are not taught manners or respect at home or in school.


Anonymous said...

Bullies are all over the place, all my bosses are bullies and have no right being in charge. Lynn, you have some bullies that come on this blog of yours and who love to bully their way on other people, wanting others to accept mediocrity or make it sound as if it is okay to not follow rules and laws. Some could care less to do what is right and are big anarchists and liberals at heart pushing their liberal agendas on others. Down with bullies and people who do not want to live by the rules here!

Anonymous said...

What happened to acceptance and diversity, if this child decided he was a girl trapped in a boy's body he'd be put on a pedestal. The sheeple only accept those who think like them, becoming fascist themselves and can't see it.