Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Public Corruption (Dirty Water Case) - Gary Czajkowski

After two years of the story breaking, on August 22, 2013, Gary Czajkowski, owner of Chaz Equipment, was convicted on more than a dozen charges that he unlawfully supplied public employees with gifts in exchange for public work.

Gary Czajkowski was convicted of 14 felonies that involved unlawful compensation and a third degree felony of conspiracy. The PBPost originally reported that his company got at least $73 million over a decade in public water and sewer business. What it didn't tell you was, some of those millions involved Lake Worth. Chaz Equipment was around a lot back in those days as they were a sub-contractor of Mock Roos. It also didn't tell you that it involved a Lake Worth employee, Danny Derringer, who was rumored to have been on the take. Derringer was allowed to retire here after 20 years rather than be fired.

Mr. Czajkowski appealed his conviction taking it to the Florida Supreme court. On Thursday, the court ruled that it would not consider his case. He, after all of these years, will finally be off to prison for public corruption. Sometimes justice is slow.

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Anonymous said...

All these years of you screeching about corruption in Lake Worth and this is the best you can come up with? Nobody's surprised that you got nothing. Keep on screeching about non existent corruption and keep supporting useless candidates.

Anonymous said...

Another corrupt Lake Worth employee gets to walk with their pension instead of being fired and kicked out on their azzes! EXAMPLE :The recommendation was to prosecute Anne Costello,a previous finance director.She knew where too many of the bodies were buried so they let her go,rather than arresting her.
No receipts for any of the 500,000 poured into our pool 5 years ago. And now we have to close it down? Maybe the state att office should look up Cory O'gorman,Laura Hanna ,Rebecca of the Black hip boots,and Joe Kroll ,among others to find our where our money actually went. It sure didn't go to our pool!

Lynn Anderson said...

@11:25. This blog was about a case that has been around for 5 years and finally has been concluded. That's ALL that it's about. Some people might find it interesting. Obviously, you didn't but you got to deliver your snarky, rude comments. Corruption is still around.