Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Presidential Debate - The last roll of the dice

University of Nevada Las Vegas
Tonight, October 19 at 9pm Eastern

The debate will be held at the Thomas & Mack Center that holds 18,500 seats and will be moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News. Subject to change, it was announced that the debate will concentrate on six topics: debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots and the candidates’ fitness to be president.

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Anonymous said...

If the USA were truly a democracy we would have all six candidates running for president at this debate and all would be given equal time. The media and our government are so corrupt, there is no real democracy here in the USA!

Ross Perot had a chance back then, none do now.

We do not really matter in the USA. The Illuminate are in control now!