Monday, October 17, 2016

Michael Bornstein will be addressing the General Obligation Bond tonight

From: Mango Groves
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2016 4:50 PM
To: Greg Rice


Don’t forget tonight there will be a meeting at The Beach Club, at the Lake Worth Golf Course concerning the Lake Worth general obligation bond referendum for road improvements on the November 8th general election ballot. This is a joint meeting between Mango Groves and Patriot Cove beginning at 7 PM. It will be our chance to ask questions to our city manager about this important decision we will be deciding next month. This should be a well-attended meeting so try and get there early.  See you this evening.

Greg Rice


Anonymous said...

How much more corrupt can this city get??? Mike Bornstein SHOULD have provided this info in a city wide workshop and also given this info to the press,like the Palm Beach Post. Instead he goes to the crony neighborhood associations which suck the azzes of Triolo,Amoroso and Maxwell.

Greg Rice said...

Anonymous 4:59.
The meeting was a published open meeting open to everyone who wanted their questions answered and be able to have something to eat at the same time. If you really had questions you wanted answered you should have been there instead of hidding behind your keyboard. If you've got a better solution to fixing our roads then speak up. Or keep posting your Jr. High School playground name calling antics and tell the bus driver you use to slow down over the potholes.

Lynn Anderson said...

Your meeting and city propaganda delivered by the city manager conflicted with the Marco Rubio debate. I knew nothing about it until yesterday when I was forwarded your e-mail so if it was a published meeting, many people (99% of the city) did not know about it.

I honestly decided that Marco was a better bet.
Thanks for coming over here and insulting people. That and a dime won't get you a cup of coffee...not here, it won't.

The way I look at it is, if people want to get themselves in debt for 30 years for right under 30% of the roads that will be repaired and only last 15 years, so be it. They are not getting "published" information on all the details. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Bornstein going around to his creepy little handpicked,political neighborhood associations doesn't count as "public meetings" three weeks before the election! Why no city wide workshops??? Better a slow bus than a short bus Greg. Anybody stupid enough to allow a 30 year debt for only 30% of our roads that will only last 15 years had better jump aboard the bus with you and your friends.And everyone can wave bye bye to our bike lanes.Lake Worth will be the highest taxed city around. Couple that with our rotten reputation and good luck trying to sell your house. As businesses get the hell out of town they won't be replaced. Who will be able to do business here?? The noose will slowly tighten around all of our necks. By that time all of the morons who did this to us will be long gone.