Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy Debate - A few thoughts

What a difference in the two candidates. Marco Rubio stuck to the facts and his accomplishments in the United States Senate. The only memorable thing from Patrick Murphy was his constant use of the word "shameful" to denigrate his opponent. It didn't work and made him look foolish. It was the "qualified and big leagues" vs. a high school student council election candidate. Murphy never answered his lies on his resume even though asked by the moderator. He skirted around everything proclaiming he was proud of his accomplishments although he could never name one. Democrats are taught to do that.

Sunshine State News

I will add to this blog as other polls come through.


Anonymous said...

I saw the debate and Patrick Murphy is such a liar. I guess if you say a lie often enough, there is always a majority of people who will believe it. Rubio took the high road. He won the debate hands down.

Anonymous said...

i thought this was to debate why they are better qualified. Instead, Murphy talked about Trump for at least 15 minutes. he kept bringing Trump up.

Anonymous said...

Murphy is a Schmendrick! I'll be very surprised if he wins. I must say, all of these politicians have very thick skin. To take that kind of abuse in a debate, and to have every aspect of your life turned over and examined during these election cycles, requires a certain type of person. Not necessarily a good type. A normal person would rather not subject themselves to this abuse, which is why we wind up with the candidates we have. I think the saying which applies is: No Sense, No Feeling!