Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fascism on the rise in Austria?

There is always something in the newspaper that grabs my attention.Yesterday was no exception.

The house where Hitler was born will be razed. It was privately owned and the owner had never wanted to sell. It is also part of the historic city center and therefore under heritage protection. The city seized the property anyway. The raze is being pushed by the Jewish population and the town of Braunau, Austria where it is located. They say that they are afraid of Neo-Nazis hanging around or gawking tourists.

Austria wants to erase a part of history, as bad as it was, and has seized private property. 6 million Jews were annihilated by Hitler who seized their property. This was the worlds' most horrific atrocity but isn't Austria and its Jewish population doing the exact same thing by seizing private property that Hitler did to them?

It reminds me as to what happened a few years ago here when liberals along with Black Lives Matter and other "outraged" people decided to erase our Civil War history by removing artifacts and burning the Confederate Flag and spray painting monuments to Civil War heroes. And on a smaller scale, it reminds me of what the City of Lake Worth did do our Heights Referendum vote. But fascism starts at a local level and it can build and build.

Revisionism all over again. Book burning all over again. Abuse of power all over again. Government stomping on the rights of citizens and property owners all over again. Egregious, stupid and flat wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Oh well, look at what the white man did when they arrived to the Americas? Tried to kill all the native Indians to take over the land for themselves. Now we as a country, the USA, is sovereign? We did the same thing here in the USA to the native Americans. It is all a sin, and we never want to talk about it or admit the facts. All very ironic it seems. The American Indians never believed in owning land, they were nomads and lived off the land, shared everything. Anglos, the things they have done over the ages, from before Hitler to after, we have really made a mess of this world. What can we do to make it all right? Or can we?