Tuesday, October 18, 2016

City Commission Agenda Tonight

I'm not sure whether this commission Trio is trying to set a record for the shortest meeting in the history of Lake Worth but tonight's agenda certainly is in the running. I have concluded that bothering to attend would be a waste of time unless you want to hear Pineapple Beach Neighborhood Association's presentation in person.

This is ridiculous! A few items on the Consent Agenda are interesting. Our guys do a lot of work in this city trying to make it look better but have to deal with uncooperative property owners. Now the city will put liens on the property when owners don't comply.

One is Resolution 48-2016 for the levy of special assessment liens for unpaid boarding and securing.

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The next is Resolution 49-2016 for the levy of special assessment liens for unpaid demolition charges:

There is only one thing to vote on under Public Hearings--reducing the number of members on the Sister City board from seven to five. This is the Board that the Trio assigned to Ryan Maier...probably because no one else wanted to be on it and it hasn't had a quorum in years.


Anonymous said...

Unless liens are aggressively collected, they mean very little. Also, the lien drops off in a year, and has to be redone. Only when the property is sold, can the lien be collected, and that is if they have consistently kept up with recording it every year. These houses just go from one investor to another, and nothing happens. There are houses from when I moved here 12 years ago, that are still sitting in the same dilapidated state that they were in 12 years ago.

Lynn Anderson said...

In glancing at the city's web site, the sister city board has not been updated in quite some time. Even the city has ZERO interest in this board.

Anonymous said...

the meeting ended quickly. it was a waste of time for anyone there.