Monday, October 10, 2016

Arizona, Polls and America's broken immigration laws

A new poll just released a few days ago by Emerson College shows presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton virtually tied in three key states, while Republican Senate candidates in each of those states are pulling ahead of their Democratic opponents. It will be interesting to see how the polls change after last night's debate.


It is difficult to fathom why Donald Trump would be behind in an Arizona poll, a state with a huge illegal immigrant problem. After Obama's new amnesty last year that was not approved by Congress, immigration agents in Arizona have been releasing up to 50 illegal immigrants a day with serious criminal records. Immigration agents are dropping them off at bus stations so that they end up in other states committing the same criminal acts. Why do the Democrats coddle these criminals?

In Arizona, approximately 240 illegal aliens were imprisoned for homicide-related offenses. This means approximately 68.57 illegal aliens were imprisoned for homicide offenses per 100,000 illegal aliens in Arizona according to the National Review. This is a higher number than legal residents. California and Florida are not that better.

Illegal alien criminals in Arizona

There is only one candidate who will fix this problem and ensure that our laws are enforced and our borders secure.

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Anonymous said...

The Democrats can't steal the election if they publish the real poll numbers!