Saturday, October 15, 2016

American police officers training in Israel to fight terrorism

Did you know that a delegation of police officers from all over the US visited Israel last month to learn how to fight terrorism? Israel does it differently than we do.  Hell, the progressives don't even want our police to stop and frisk and they scream bloody murder if you profile.

The terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, is trying to shut the US/Israeli training down. They are telling everyone who will listen that the joint work between the two police forces negatively affects the African-American community. BLM claims that American police officers are learning from the Israelis how to kill black Americans.

BLM is a subversive group that was predicated on a lie and now a revolution. It has evolved into demands that have nothing to do with police reform but rather about transforming America across-the-board in the interests of black-centric socialism.

Read the Jerusalem Post


Anonymous said...

Fantastic News! Glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Israel doesn't hesitate to profile, a lesson for us all.

Anonymous said...

It only makes sense. Americans have lost all contact with reality.