Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Lake Worth Pool

There are still plenty of us in Lake Worth

Tuesday night the city will be talking, once again, about our it doesn't pay for itself. We've been hearing this ever since Mike Bornstein was hired. The city wants this amenity and our entire beach complex to be a commercial enterprise. They don't consider it an amenity. In fact, City Manager Bornstein considers it a "white elephant." It's all about dollars and cents and they spend little dollars and cents on repairs.

There will be a presentation by McAllister, a pool consultant, who says our pool should be closed. Of course, he also wants to be involved in anything the city might consider from his proposals. He has concluded that the following must be done to our pool:

Pool and Wading Pool Needs Cost Estimate

• Main drain sump boxes and 4” drain lines clearing and compliance to VGB $ 10,000
• Remove failing marcite coating and epoxy paint from both pools and re-marcite $ 150,000
• Discover and repair leak in main drain line in the wading pool and repair. $ 5,000
• Replace all lane line and trim ceramic tiles in both pools $ 12,000
• Cut channels in stress fractures fill with hydraulic cement and finish with marcite$ 3,000
• Pull up deck pavers every 5’ along the perimeter of the northeast sides of the 50-meter pool for the length of both 25-yard and 50-meter and sound check on original deck for voids from pool leak erosion. Discover voids and back fill voids and replace pavers as needed to finish. Allowance $ 20,000
Sub-Total $ 200,000

If the city wants to do everything McAllister recommends, it could  be a price tag of  $4,612,500.

SUMMARY: The Aquatic Facility Assessment presentation provides detailed information regarding necessary repairs and renovations needed for the safe operation of the municipal pool, pool bathhouse and pump room. Staff was directed at the August 8, 2016 Budget Workshop, to bring back a report on the pool for the Commission to review.

Just one slight problem with this Summary: There was no budget Workshop held on August 8 so that is probably just a typo. But there was one on August 9 and according to the Minutes from the August 9, 2016 Budget meeting, no one told the city manager to hire a consultant to do a report.  My question would be, have any repairs been done in the last six months when the commission asked that it be brought back?

A major HATE group in the U.S.


The political left loves to slap labels on people and groups it hates.

The Southern Poverty Law Center needs to rip up its list and start anew and heading the list should be, you guessed it, them! Next, nothing would surprise me if they included the entire Republican Party or Christianity. They've already included Dr. Ben Carson for his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

And now, it's out with its new "anti-government hate group" list, and look who's prominently featured ...

Read about it...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunset 2-19-17

Has Pope Francis lost his mind?

Ashton Kuchner - ending Human Trafficking

Candidate Maryann Polizzi Speaks to the People

Dear All,
As March 14th draws near the ugly part of politics has hit me. If you receive any material NOT FROM ME, or my campaign manager, Colby Mims, please do not believe that any part is true.

A little about me:
I love all people.
I don't have a cell in me that is racist. I love all races and ethnicities.
I don't talk about my opponents.
Nor, do I talk about anything else but my own goals for this city.
I am an open book. You ask me how I feel on certain issues and I will tell you.
I have put my heart and soul into this election. I love talking to people and solving problems for them.

With this being said, if any posts, blogs, personal pages say anything about me that DOESN'T come from me, PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE IT.

I have had so many people say things they overheard and luckily they came and asked me. Politics in Lake Worth isn't pretty. I will absolutely fight the fight with the utmost confidence and never back down. I won't tolerate people saying things that are not true. I have never spoken ill of any of my competitors, Herman and Ellie, nor have I spoken about anyone in District 2. I consider each a friend.

The nasty letter has me running with Omari and William. Not true and they are fabulous guys. Thank you to all, who took the time to read this. It's extremely important. Please share!! Thank you and have a wonderful night.

Maryann Polizzi
Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Maryann Polizzi for Lake Worth city commission district 4

Unhinged Tyrannical Left

The government employees at the EPA are so upset over Scott Pruitt becoming Donald Trump’s Director of the EPA that they are lobbying their Senators. This appears to be an organized violation of the Hatch Act that forbids such behavior. Add to that the leaks that continue to flow from within the government and you have sabotage, pure and simple. This all should warrant prosecution.

Read about it... from Allen West.

The "Oppressed" - Sleeping with the Enemy


This is a group you'd never expect to find common cause with Islamists infiltrating the West. Yet despite their almost polar-opposite views on things each holds essential, they're working hand-in-glove. So, what unites them?

They have a shared, deep hatred for President Trump in spite of their polar differences to the detriment of their own well being. I never knew women could be so stupid to fall for the ploy.

Read about the tools

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tell Congress to Build the Wall

Tree Festival today in Lake Worth

Lake Worth Arborist Dave McGrew and
Tree Board Chair Richard Stowe

As I live in a condo, I don't have a need for a tree so I headed straight for the goodies. Bought some date and honey bread baked by Kathleen from A Kookie Jar located in Loxahatchee. Having a piece right now topped with cream cheese--fab!

Bought some homemade mango preserves made from Lake Worth mangoes! All sorts of trees for sale today.  You too can grow your own mango tree.

Quote of the Day - President Trump

But it’s very important to me, but this isn’t Donald Trump that divided a nation. We went eight years with President Obama and we went many years before President Obama. We lived in a divided nation. And I am going to try – I will do everything within my power to fix that.”

~ President Donald Trump

President "burns" the Press

Miami-Dade Commissioners Reject Sanctuary City Status

[USA Today] The Miami-Dade County Commission on a 9/3 vote rejected emotional pleas from residents Friday and voted to become the first county in the nation to drop its "sanctuary" status by agreeing to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.

Read about it...

Obeying the law should be normal operating procedure.

Early Morn 2-18-17

Tiffany Trump Bullied

[Allen West] It isn’t easy to be a Trump right now, especially when your name is associated with the leader of the free world, and rabid, crazy journalists are consumed with the idea of destroying him and his administration, no matter the cost.

Can't stand The View regardless.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sunset 2-17-17

2nd Avenue South Road Project

City of Lake Worth
7 North Dixie Highway
Lake Worth, FL 33460

February 17, 2017

Contact:           Jamie Brown, Public Services Director
Phone:             561.586.1720

Public Engagement Meeting - 2nd Ave South project:  Dixie Highway to Federal Highway
March 2, 2017 
6:30 PM
1121 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL

The City of Lake Worth is hosting a public engagement meeting on March 2nd regarding the 2nd Ave South Project. The segment of 2nd Ave South from Dixie to Federal Highway is in severe structural disrepair, the purpose of the 2nd Ave South project is to undertake the full roadway reconstruction. The project is being partially funded through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

The March 2nd meeting will allow members of the community to engage with City personnel and the project engineers to address community needs/concerns that may be incorporated into the project’s design.

Please contact the Public Services office with any questions or comments.

John Becker is gone

John Becker passed away two days ago.  He was 82, a long time resident of Lake Worth living at Murry Hills and a very talented man.  Aside from the many things in which he was involved like being in the plays produced at Murry Hills, he was a former lifeguard at the Lake Worth pool and other aquatic centers until age 75. He was an artist and a good one too!  One of his murals is at North Grade Elementary School.

Funeral Services are Sunday, February 19, 2pm at All County Del Lago, 131 S. Lakeside Dr

President Trump rescues Coal Miners

President Trump back at Mar-A-Lago today

The president tweeted about a Saturday 5 p.m. rally at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport,  “Join me in Florida this Saturday at 5 p.m. for a rally."

Trump Tweets - NSA

Whistleblower says President Trump's phones tapped.

Someone(s) leaked the information. This is domestic spying.

Day Without Immigrants

Another protest against President Trump.  Now it's illegals and immigrants using their children. Illegal immigrants get their public education courtesy of the legal American who pays for it all.

"But yesterday, hundreds, possibly thousands, of Palm Beach County children from immigrant families skipped school in what appeared to be a symbolic protest tied to the nationwide Day Without Immigrants demonstration organized to highlight the role of the nation’s foreign-born workers." Lake Worth was hit the hardest in Palm Beach County.

Read about it...

Crowd Size

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sunset 2-16-17

Venezuela shuts down CNN

The Venezuelan government shut down CNN’s feed of their Spanish-language channel Wednesday as the relationship between the government and President Donald Trump’s administration appeared to be deteriorating.

Read about it...

Juan Ruiz promoted to Assistant City Manager Lake Worth

Juan gets a promotion!


February 16, 2017

Contact:           Ben Kerr, Communications Specialist
Phone:             561.586.1631

Promotion of Juan Ruiz to Assistant City Manager for the City of Lake Worth

Juan Ruiz has been promoted from the role of Director of Leisure Services to Assistant City Manager for the City of Lake Worth. Juan, a graduate of Lake Worth High School, has worked in public service for 17 years and will serve as City Manager, Michael Bornstein’s, first Assistant City Manager in the City of Lake Worth.

Juan is being brought on to focus on upcoming projects as the City continues to build on its recent successes. In addition he will manage the City’s Emergency Management Operations. During the transition period Juan will continue to carry out the duties of overseeing and directing the Leisure Services department until a replacement is identified.

“Juan has a true passion and love of Lake Worth.  His efforts running a very diverse set of complicated, high profile and difficult operations give him a depth of knowledge and experience necessary for this next step.  Juan not only demonstrates on a daily basis his care for the citizens and businesses but also through our major City events such as the Holiday and Veteran’s parades.  He understands our challenges and will be a great asset to helping me fulfill the commission’s policy direction and moving the City in the right direction.  I look forward to having him serve in this new capacity on my Team.”
~City Manager Michael Bornstein

“I absolutely love this City, the residents and all the cool quirky things that make this City unique. The excitement that we all see on the horizon makes coming to work every day to serve the public that much easier.  2017 marks my 17th year in the public service arena and I look forward to continuing many, many more years serving our residents and ensuring that we’re doing everything we can to deliver a high level of service to the community, as simply put it’s what they deserve.” 
~Lake Worth Assistant City Manager Juan Ruiz

Please contact Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth Communications Specialist with any questions or comments.

Federal Bill proposed to reduce Immigration

[Numbers USA] Sen. Cotton officially introduces, S. 354, the RAISE Act, to reduce immigration by up to 50%

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) has officially introduced the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act, S. 354, in the Senate. The bill would reduce legal immigration by up to 50% by ending future chain migration and the diversity visa lottery.

Roy Beck, President and Founder of NumbersUSA responded saying, "the RAISE Act has a number -- S. 354 -- and one that we will do all possible to ensure that lives on through history as one of the great achievements of this period of our country."

The RAISE Act would:
•    End the Visa Lottery,
•    Limit annual refugee admissions to 50,000,
•    End chain migration,
•    Reduce the worldwide level of family-sponsored immigrants from 480,000 to 88,000 by prioritizing nuclear family,
•    Add a nonimmigrant, renewable visa for parents of adult U.S. citizens.

Lake Worth's 12th Annual Festival of Trees

Click to enlarge

Clay Glass Exhibit $5 original art

Bicyclist hit by car at 6th Avenue S and A Street

The accident happened early yesterday and the bicyclist was taken to Delray Medical Center.

Read about it...

Christopher McVoy answers Constitutent on Sober Homes issue

There is a woman on Facebook, a non-supporter of Christopher McVoy, who said the following and used another blogger's videos who also supports McVoy's opponent:
"Mcvoy keeps escalating his claims about his involvement with sober home resolutions. Meanwhile, I can find nothing indicating he has had any involvement at all.
At the Bryant Park Forum he claimed to be active with sober home legislation. *
In his closing at the Playhouse he then claimed he “provided leadership on interdepartmental and inter agency cooperation” on sober homes (whatever that means). *
Because she doesn't know or understand the facts nor did she contact Commissioner McVoy to clarify his statements at the two forums, the following is a brief explanation submitted by his campaign that might set her mind at ease:

"It means that while other commissioners did nothing but wring their hands, the city attorney did nothing but make excuses for inaction, and city departments that could have worked together instead operated in silos, McVoy at least made PBCFR, PBSO, utility management, city attorney, city manager, William Waters, and Code Enforcement personnel meet together in the same room to establish a cohesive plan of action. Because of this meeting that he facilitated, these departments are now sharing information that will ensure that sober homes have rental/business licenses and the city knows where they are, and so does PBSO.

He is also pulling together a series of ordinances similar to those enacted in other cities [Click here] that will establish a moratorium on new sober homes.

Christopher is not afraid to stand up for residents, unlike our other commissioners who are MIA on this issue. McVoy does not call the Palm Beach Post every time he helps his constituents, or pat himself on the back in public meetings like some others do so often. He simply does his job."

Emergency Hearing to stop spying on Trump

The NSA and CIA are allegedly spying on President Trump, and now there's an emergency push to slam the hammer on it.

The attorney handling the case says: "'Our own government has committed biggest violation of constitutional rights in American history."

Read about it...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sunset 2-15-17

President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau

[E-Headlines] One of President Trump’s primary goals for America is improving the economy and our trade relationships around the world — something desperately needed after the mess made by the White House’s former occupant.

The Enemy Within - The Alt-Left Democrats

It's all about the bad deal with Iran. It's about President Trump sitting down at the table with the Russians and working things out. It's about getting rid of ISIS. It's sabotaging the President's efforts to Make America Safe. It's about making the President's life hell.  Democrats are in over-kill.

Flynn’s resignation was coordinated by a group of former Obama officials and loyalists who wanted to protect the Iran Deal from its largest critic. The effort included planting stories meant to discredit Flynn, the national security advisor to President Trump.

Read about it...

[Free Beacon]  “It’s undeniable that the campaign to discredit Flynn was well underway before Inauguration Day, with a very troublesome and politicized series of leaks designed to undermine him,” said one veteran national security adviser with close ties to the White House team. “This pattern reminds me of the lead up to the Iran deal, and probably features the same cast of characters.”

[Allen West] While all the attention is upon Mike Flynn, Reince Preibus, and President Trump, the big picture is being overlooked. This is an attempt by the socialist left to do more than impeded the Trump administration. This is about the peaceful transfer of power and is being carried out by the alt-left wing of the Democrat Party.

Lake Worth fails to maintain asset

The question that has to come to everyone's mind--why hasn't the city been maintaining our equipment housed in the Pump House located on the western side of the Lake Worth Pool?  The city takes care of its fleet by replacing vehicles after there is no longer any depreciation, so why is there no routine maintenance or routine replacement on our pool equipment?  Who's in charge?

One of the candidates gave an answer to this problem at the South Palm Park Forum--Budget! And it is the Trio commission that approved of the budget without enough money for routine maintenance.

It wasn't even a decade ago when major repairs were done to the Pump House. Following are some of the photos from 7 years ago:

After the city manager hired a consultant on the pool who also is in line to do the work if the commission agrees,  the city now tells us and wants us to believe that our pool would be too expensive to fix...better to tear it down.

It's easier to tear things down.

Another Shooting in Lake Worth

At South 9th Avenue and G Street in Lake Worth at about 10:30 p.m

Read about it...

Marco has a Message

“We’re pretty divided right now, you know, as a country. I think it’s alright to disagree on things. We gotta figure out things we can work together on. In the end, I’m not going anywhere, the other people aren’t going anywhere — we’re gonna be in America together,” said Rubio.

Quote of the Day - Wake Up America

"The American people have to know that there's a game going on inside the intelligence community where there are those who want to separate the U.S. from Russia in a way that would reignite the Cold War. That's what's at the bottom of all this. It's early in the morning, it's Valentine's Day, but wake up America!"

~ Dennis Kucinich

Kucinich said Trump must get a hold of the intelligence community because he believes there is "definitely something going on" to undermine the president.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


This is another one from last week--not here for the sunset tonight.

Our Pool is a Political Football

Back in October 2014, Andy Amoroso appointed himself to be on a special committee.  The city (Bornstein who already said our pool was a White Elephant) formed an Evaluation Committee that  included one commissioner (Andy Amoroso) and one member of our Finance Advisory board.

The city was desiring public/private ventures (in other words we own the property but someone else makes the money) at our Beach Complex and Casino to manage, maintain, operate, redesign, etc. and/or implement creative ventures. We can't/WON'T manage or operate it ourselves and the city wanted to turn over our beach complex to someone who could manage it.

And that's why you heard Herman Robinson, candidate for District 4, bring up intralocal partnerships [public private partnerships] several times at the South Palm Park Forum.

One of the options under consideration back then was to modernize the municipal pool operation that would attract adult-aged visitors during the afternoon and evening hours (e.g., restaurant, tiki bar, cabana rentals, beverage service and/or other commercial type ventures). With this option, the City prefers to maintain public pool access in the morning hours; however, creative alternatives will be considered. The municipal pool and supporting facilities cover approximately 34,000 sq. ft.

So now what do we get?  A proposal to tear out our Olympic pool and put in an aquatic center for millions.  We don't have the money to maintain our pool but now we can afford $5 million plus for an aquatic center?  And the consultant giving the proposal would be the one behind the aquatic center? Has everyone gone mad?

It just keeps getting screwier.

Read the Palm Beach Post

Lake Worth Press Release entertaining idea of an Aquatic Park in place of our Olympic Pool


February 14, 2017

Contact:           Ben Kerr, Communications Specialist
Phone:             561.586.1631

WHEN:           FEBRUARY 14th


Lake Worth, Florida- In response to the dilapidation and recurring closures of the Lake Worth Municipal Pool, the City Commission requested a consultation be carried out detailing the options available to the City. An experienced aquatic consultant, Bob McCallister, was hired to undertake the assessment and his recommendations and resume are attached to this email. The full report and recommendations will be presented to the City Commission on February 21st. Below is the executive summary from the report.

“Based upon this completed study, it is the recommendation of the Aquatic Consultant that renovations and improvements to the existing Aquatic Facility at Lake Worth Beach would not be cost effective nor serve the Lake Worth community and visitors to the best interest of the City of Lake Worth. 

It is the professional opinion of the Aquatic Consultant that this Aquatic Facility be closed until the bathhouse and filter room are totally rebuilt due to exposing the public and staff to the present hazardous conditions.

This report clearly identifies the need to demolish and rebuild the bathhouse and filter room.  In addition, there are major repairs and modifications needed to the pool structure and filter system.  These items alone will cost approximately $2.8 million and will not substantially increase the aquatic facility’s current use nor will the annual revenue increase.

Converting the 50-meter pool into a shallow water entry pool with interactive water features and amenities may increase the pool’s attendance at a cost of additional $1.2 million.  With the addition of architect/engineering and pool designer fees, a contingency fund of 5% and FF&E budget of $100,000 the total project approaches $4.6 million.

Further, the Aquatic Consultant recognizes that during any renovation project there may be some unforeseen problems during the renovation and/or future problems with what remains regarding the old 50-meter pool.

It is the Aquatic Consultant’s professional opinion that it would be a better decision for the City to totally rebuild a new family water park with lap lanes on the same footprint location.  Use the same footprint with all the water features in this report and possibly add more features, such as a lazy river.  This could be done for $4.5 - $5 million and would be a better use of the funding, than to try to save one end of the existing 50-meter pool.  This new aquatic facility will have the potential to be self-supporting, as the revenue generated would cover the annual operational expenses.

Finally, it should be noted that a water park facility of this nature and at this location would require at least 300 additional parking spaces.  This may require a new parking deck adjacent to the water park.  This is an additional component to this report and would require additional funding above the $4.5 - $5.0 to the new water park concept for parking deck design and construction cost.”

Please note: The above summary and the attached reports represent the recommendations of the Aquatic Consultant. The City Staff and City Commission have not yet made a decision regarding these recommendations and are waiting to do so until after the formal presentation of the information at the commission meeting on February 21st. Until this date City Manager, Michael Bornstein, stands by his decision to keep the pool closed for the safety of City Staff and the General Public. The decision to reopen or more permanently close the pool will be made following the Commission meeting.

Please contact Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth Communications Specialist with any questions or comments.

Aquatic Assessment

City of Lake Worth Aquatic Facilities Report

Phase Two Report

Consultant's Resume

Obama and Clinton on Illegal Immigration

Why weren't the liberal progressives protesting against Obama and Clinton when they talked about illegal immigration?

Candidates get Candid

Last night was the South Palm Park Candidate Forum at The Breach Club. The room was packed with people and three candidate's t-shirts were spotted: McVoy's, Robinson's and Polizzi's.

Candidates were asked to give their top five priorities. I will name the first one or two that they mentioned:
Omari Hardy: Crime/Roads
William Joseph: Safety
Herman Robinson: Sober Homes/Intralocal Partnerships
Maryann Polizzi: Sober Homes/Crime
Ellie Whittey: Money/Pool
Christopher McVoy: Sober Homes/Crime

They all were asked to rate the present city commission
Ellie Whittey: C
Herman Robinson: B+
Maryann Polizzi: B+
Christopher McVoy: C+
Omari Hardy: C
William Joseph: C

Every candidate indicated that they wanted to save our pool.
  • Christopher McVoy said, "It's an amenity...find the money. The commission [Trio] voted down the financing."
  • Herman Robinson wondered if it was spending "good money after bad but it was an amenity that we deserved."
  • Maryann Pollizzi stated that the pool  hours should not be relegated to only "29 hours a week...look at the should be opened...a fabulous pool."
  • Omari Hardy said that you can't "tinker with the parking rates" to raise revenue
  • Ellie Whittey said it was a "vibrant part of our community."
  • William Joseph said "get a budget."

Early shake-up in Trump's administration

It's all over the news--National Security Adviser General Flynn resigned!

He misled the Trump administration officials about his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. He was a loyal Trump supporter throughout the campaign, but his ties to Russia caused concern among other senior aides. He should have known better. He should have know that these conversations were being recorded.

I listened to Mark Levin yesterday and Levin called this controversy a ‘nothing burger’, pointing out that it’s the media and the left who are pretending this is the crime of the century just to get Flynn fired.

“Do they not understand what’s going on?” The media and the Left is going to use leaks from Obama administration hold-overs to smear every one of President Trump’s staffers and confidants. “This is guerilla warfare by bureaucracy,” Levin explained.

The problem is here, it's not a "nothing burger" and not only the biased media and the left this time--it is also Republicans and the President. If Flynn did tell the Russian ambassador that sanctions would be removed, then his resignation is appropriate. The President has to rely on his national security information as 100% reliable and the truth.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunset 2-13-17

Joy Villa's album jumps to #1 after wearing Trump dress

Talk about a dress for success!

A singer who dressed for Sunday night’s Grammy Awards in a gown that proclaimed “Make America Great Again” on the front and “Trump” on the back has seen the sales of her music skyrocket at least 18 million percent in one day.

Joy Villa’s album “I Make The Static” instantly jumped to light speed, soaring to No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes album sales chart, as well as No. 1 on Amazon’s top digital albums.

It was previously ranked on Amazon at No. 543,202 before her Grammy appearance


Lake Worth Pool Budget for 2016-2017

Click to enlarge

ICE fights back against the Lies

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have held Operation Cross Check in previous years under the Obama administration. In 2015 there were over 2000 CRIMINAL aliens rounded up. Now, the activists and Democrats are beating their breasts like slavery has returned to the Southern States. Nothing to see here, Libtards, so Move Along. [Allen West]

Read about the ridiculous crap going on by community activists and sore loser Democrats that are nothing but lies. These are the people who truly hurt America.

Snowflakes, start organizing!

Our Lake Worth Pool being condemned?

What in the heck will this guy do?

Well, everything the city has done of late is leading up to the latest skuttlebutt that our pool will be condemned. The mentality is that it's cheaper to bulldoze something than fix it. Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell has wanted to see the entire operation fail from the beginning and is backing candidates for election who must have his values. He voted to operate our beach complex in the red instead of raising fees!

I wrote the Leisure Services Director regarding this and here is the e-mail exchange:

On Feb 12, 2017, at 12:42 PM, Lynn Anderson wrote:
Hi Juan-
Can you address the latest rumor that the city is moving to condemn our pool as well as the locker room building or have already done so?
Lynn Anderson

I don't enjoy addressing rumors cause I'd spend the majority of my day doing just that. I encourage everyone to attend the Commission meeting on the 21st when the pool will be discussed. Until then, the City's goal is to keep City staff and the public safe from any potential issues arising from a facility that needs significant repairs.
Thank you,
Juan Ruiz
Leisure Services Director
City of Lake Worth, FL 33460

Where there's a rumor, there's usually fire. The city likes to sneak up on the citizens and lower booms. So all of you who have been trying to make the city maintain its assets and want our pool to stay in place, please come to the meeting.

Also, ask all our commissioners as well as the candidates who knock on your door what their position is on this great asset, our Olympic pool..

How dare the city continue along this vein and not spend one dime on maintenance...not advertise our pool...not have it opened regular hours...and now put people out of work and residents and visitors without a pool. Our pool is an amenity. No one ever said it had to support itself. The city spent plenty of money at the LW Municipal Gym. If they can do that, they can do it at our pool, a pool loved by all.

Trump dress at Grammy's

Joy Villa

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunset 2-12-17

Women stand apart from the men in their lives

Anti-White Racism at a Catholic University

Now the kooks have infiltrated our Catholic universities. It's no wonder that people are falling from the church these days when you have professors of this caliber lecturing to our youth. They are as bad as the liberal Hollywood "celebrities" who knock anything and everything that is sensible. It's cool to be anti-white, anti-police, anti-American and belligerent.

Read about it...

The Bastard got fired!

(FOX 17) Rutherford County Schools said a substitute teacher will no longer be working in the school district after he was accused of posting “inappropriate, threatening” comments on social media regarding President Donald Trump.

Rutherford County Schools received several messages about David Colin on Wednesday. Colin is accused of posting on Facebook, “the only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter,” on Facebook Nov. 9 at 9:29 a.m.

Read About it

Trey Gowdy on the 9th Cicuit Court's Decision

Click to enlarge

The Pissant fires another Missile

"I just want everybody to understand and fully know that the United States of America stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100 percent."

~ President Donald Trump

“North Korea’s most recent missile launch is absolutely intolerable. North Korea must comply fully with relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions. Donald has assured me that the U.S. supports Japan."

~ Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sunset 2-11-17

Dangerous Socialists lashing out at Trump

Protesters nationwide have vowed to “Bash the FASH” in the wake of Donald Trump’s controversial presidency, and it appears a spirited group of left wing “social extremists” at the University of Central Florida have taken the phrase quite literally. On Friday, UCF’s Knights for Socialism gathered around to physically bash President Donald Trump’s face in using baseball bats, inviting children to join along in the protest as well.

UCF’s Knights of Socialism group gathered at the university’s Orlando campus for their “Whack-A-Trump” event, where students could take a baseball bat directly to Trump and his Cabinet member’s faces. The group is the same one which promoted a "Leftist Fight Club" which taught students how to fight Trump supporters last week.

We have some with this ideology who live right here in Lake Worth.

Read about the dangerous whack jobs...