Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ultra liberal Chris Matthews comments on James Hodgkinson, Alexandria shooter

"Some things you’d think could and would be universally condemned by everyone--things like jihad attacks against innocents or opening fire on a group of unsuspecting legislators at a baseball practice. If you think that’s the case you’re under-estimating hyper-liberals like Chris Matthews."

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Anonymous said...

Some other things that should be condemned by everyone:

- 2 people being stabbed and killed while defending a Muslim woman from a White supremacist.

- Far right gunman shoots and kills 6 people at a Quebec City mosque.

- White supremacist from Baltimore stabs and kills random black man in NYC.

Unfortunately, all of these acts, including the one in Alexandria, have become political tools. Some are talked about and condemned. And some are never mentioned, depending upon whether you claim to be a Republican or Democrat.