Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Culture of Shame

There are a lot of scum bags all over but Chicago has its fair share. In one of the top visited cities in the world with over 52 million domestic and international visitors last year, this is the home of Barack Obama. It is a city that is safer than 12% of all the cities in America with 478 crimes per square mile. Obama should be ashamed.

A large part of the problem is Chicago poverty (29.1% live in poverty) although not an excuse to beat people to a pulp.Welfare benefits are structured with intent to address the myriad struggles associated with poverty, and even more, to serve as a foundation for upward economic mobility. But a phenomenon known as the “welfare cliff” creates a poverty trap, making pay raises detrimental because they are outweighed by an even greater, simultaneous decline in welfare benefits. And there lies the rub.
Read about Chicago's warped welfare system

They have been so used to not working and falling into the welfare trap. It will be difficult to turn it all around, perhaps taking generations. But Donald Trump is going to give it his best effort. Jobs is the key and getting rid of that ingrained sense of entitlement and blaming your status in life on everyone else other than yourself. With the Republican platform, welfare costs of  $1.539 trillion a year will be reduced substantially. At least that's the plan and that's the hope.


Anonymous said...

Why is it never a hate crime unless the victim is black?

Anonymous said...

Democrats awfully quiet on this terrible crime, it doesn't fit their fantasy of Obama bringing people together.