Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Democrats Rigging our System to Fail

"...the party and ideology of rigging is the progressive-left Democratic Party. The whole Alinsky modus operandi is to work within the system one detests – as a clever alternative to outright revolution – so as eventually to overthrow the hated system, in this case, the Constitution, capitalism and biblical morality."

"...the radical change agents and revolutionaries of the left insist on trying to rig the most successful system in human history to fail, and thus advance their collectivist, anti-American and increasingly globalist agenda. The agenda of globalists – brought to center stage by the presidential campaign of Donald Trump – largely converges with that of leftist progressives since both favor open borders and centralized power and both inherently reject a pro-American worldview."


We are going to make America great again by stopping these domestic radicals who have undermined our republic and continue to do so. It will not be business as usual.

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Anonymous said...

Good point about the joke above. WE let illegals come in this country illegally, work illegally, break laws, etc. But the reality, we do not enforce many laws these days here, laws are always for the other guy, they know you will stop, so don't stop and stop signs, etc. No one wants laws here, it is anything goes, look at the beach, openly drinking in public there daily, dogs all over, sex all over the beach cars park there every night to have sex, condoms all over the parking lots, where are the police? There is no law enforcement anymore in this country, there is no one stopping illegals, we have gone to hell.