Saturday, April 30, 2022

Letter to the Editor on Frank Cerabino

The nervy guy poses in front of Mar-A-Lago while he attacks Trump

Cerabino hurting journalism

"Another day, another anti-conservative rant from Mr. Cerabino. This daily onslaught of political mudslinging in our "local news section" reeks of bias and desperation as the real issues of major concern, i.e. immigration, inflation, geopolitical failures, etc. are strategically ignored. It's an appalling statement from a "news" publication notwithstanding the fact his column is in the "local news" section of the paper.

Gone are the days where Mr. Cerabino artfully wrote about "local" people in a non-biased manner to the extent politics was not in his repertoire. The stories were usually humorous and even heart-warming at times. It's truly unfortunate however totally understandable, why the citizens of this country have lost their trust in the media to report factual and unbiased news. I'm guessing there will be a time where our media in general will come to the realization news takes priority over politics and we can get back to reporting the news in a way that's unifying instead of divisive."

Scott Blasie, Lake Worth

I was really happy to see this Letter to the editor in Friday's Palm Beach Post. Frankly, Frank Cerabino is an opinion writer, left of left and annoying as hell. He has been writing for the Palm Beach Post for over 30 years and takes great pleasure now in writing something totally negative and flat false about anything a political conservative stands for from facemasks, Covid, CRT, trumped up racism, trolling transgenders, the governor of Florida and President Trump.

I stopped reading his column.

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Can't stand Cerabino