Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lake Worth Tentative Millage Rate

On the Consent Agenda is Resolution 34-2017 to adopt a tentative Millage rate.

The city plans on an operating millage rate of 5.4945 mills for General Operating Budget purposes for Fiscal Year 2017-2018; which is a 8.97% increase over the Roll Back Rate of 5.0423 mills.

You will have a chance to discuss this rate at the First Public Hearing on September 12th at the Commission meeting.

Voters in this city voted in a 30 year, $40 million general obligation bond to repair the roads. I would have thought that the city might have considered the roll-back rate this year on ad-valorem but they need the money to close the pool and build an aquatic facility.  I guess.

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Anonymous said...

We are so glad we sold and moved out of Lake Worth. The mayor and commission and their greed made us realize it was hopeless there. What a sin the greed and corruption in this city. Giving themselves 90% raises. Do you know in the Town of South Palm Beach they only get $300 a month to serve? Pam, Andy, and Scott are just so greedy, it will catch up with them some day. All so sad for Lake Worth and its people!