Friday, July 28, 2017

Another A-Hole crawls out from under the woodwork

And this one is right in the President's backyard.

And it doesn't really matter if it is some guy down the street, all Democrats are trying desperately to "de-throne" Trump, trying every tactic necessary to get something, anything, to stick.

A federal judge in West Palm Beach is being asked to decide whether President Donald Trump is violating the U.S. Constitution by making money from renting rooms in his hotels or other buildings to federal agencies.

In the lawsuit assigned to U.S. District Judge Robin Rosenberg on Wednesday, Broward County construction lawyer Patrick Goggins claims a little-known provision in the Constitution prohibits Trump from making extra money from the federal government through the real estate holdings of his far-flung Trump Organization."

Now let Patrick Goggins prove "standing."



Anonymous said...

No report on the health care vote last night, Lynn?

A huge win for Americans!!!

Lynn Anderson said...

What exactly is the "win" for Americans? Obamacare is dead. So, what now?
None of these people should have gone on vacation until a bill was presented that was acceptable to the majority. Nothing should be rushed through like Obamacare was...I can agree to that concept.

Anonymous said...

ACA was not rushed and its not dead. No worries for you with your medicare and social security.

Lynn Anderson said...

This is NOT about me, anonymous. You Dems always have to make something personal when it suits you. We seniors on s/s and medicare paid into the system. Medicare has been around since July 1966. A certain percentage was deducted from our paychecks for this up until we retired. Do you really begrudge that or just don't understand the concept here or want to be insulting?
This country can NOT afford socialized medicine for all.

Anonymous said...

let them go lynn.when the whole thing implodes we will hear another lie from them.sad that they think they have all the answers and cant talk to the rest with resprct.your ss and medicare is your intitlement and no one elses .its paid by us legally working in America not the ones being smuggled in truck and left to die.thats one thing these dems should be working on to save lives.they talk about these people being human don't know that they believe what they say

Anonymous said...

Tell us again how health care in Europe is failing. Lol! Sad!

Anonymous said...

"Nothing should be rushed through like Obamacare was..."

You'll find that the internet will tell you that the ACA was debated, contested and revised for months and wasn't passed until March 2010.

But the more important point is that if Republicans were truly interested in affordable healthcare for the American people they would have done something in the 7 years they moaned and complained about the ACA.

Both parties need to work together to better the ACA. It isn't close to perfect but the focus needs to be on healthcare and not on tax cuts for the 1% or destroying Medicaid.

BTW, Lynn, the benefits that you enjoy with SS and Medicare? Republicans want to scrap them for the generations that follow you. Obviously, you're okay with that since you're a 20%'er, but America is better with that safety net in place for Americans who will be around long after we all depart.

Anonymous said...

Even the rats leave a sinking ship! Just what is it that you are trying so hard to defend? I don't know whether to admire you for going down with the ship, or condemn you for being so naive.

Lynn Anderson said...

Do you want social security, etc. to exist down the road? Stop the LIES. What they want to do is SAVE it all and that means gradually raising the retirement age for receiving full benefits from 67 to 69 and adopting a less generous cost of living index than the current one. The proposal would also inaugurate means testing by changing the benefits formula to reduce payments to wealthier retirees. It would also eliminate the annual COLA adjustments for wealthier individuals and their families.

Lynn Anderson said... diverted this thread to healthcare. I will not post anymore comments on healthcare here.
The U.S. spends a higher percentage of its GDP on healthcare compared to any country in the world. The goal is to reduce taxes, not increase them and get a balanced budget.
The fact is, Democrats want the government to pick up the tab for it all with low premiums and low deductibles. That didn't happen with Obamacare.
Why should the government be in the healthcare business?
So, LOL yourself. Go to Europe and pay huge taxes or if you want an operation and I'm sure you will be treated just like that little baby, with the government making life and death decisions over your body...not you. Be happy. Take another liberal with you.

Anonymous said...

The biggest story of the past week if not the past few months and you refuse to post or discuss it. I get this is a conservative blog and that with conservative blogging you want to emphasize the wins and ignore the losses or inconvenient truths but wouldn't it be healthy to open up discussion on a forum like this and exchange thoughts even when they don't agree with yours?

I'm not sure what the harm is. I mean you are convinced you are right and have all the facts (and you may) but if you do, why are you so hesitant to engaging with people who aren't exactly on the same page as you are.

You'll probably delete this, too, so I'll just add that this is a common thread among the conservative blogs that I visit. They are positive they are right but are so scared of being told they're wrong and absolutely horrified of facts.

It's the strangest thing I've ever seen. Surely you don't think that everyone in the world agrees with everything you say. Surely you don't want to be surrounded by people who tell you only what you want to hear. So why so terrified of different opinions?

Lynn Anderson said...

NO one is terrified...hear that?
I don't like your opinion...that's about it.
I write what I want to write about.
THIS blog was not about socialized medicine.
And the healthcare bill is not over til it's over.
A famous conservative religious person said that.
And guess what? I don't give a fig if anyone agrees with me. Is that STRANGE?
Why write about this when EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT ALIVE didn't want it to pass and 3 "Republicans." Everyone knows about it.
P.s. How is your deductible?