Monday, July 24, 2017

The Border Wall

Build that Wall was a campaign slogan shouted by Trump supporters throughout his campaign. That thought and promise by President Trump has not died and in fact, the budget for building the wall has received full support from the  House Appropriations Committee for the full amount requested by the President. Read about it...
  • Entire bill: $13.8 billion towards customs and border protection. This total includes the $1.6 billion that is being requested
  • $100 million designated for hiring 500 more border patrol agents
  • $106 million for sensors and aircraft
  • $131 million to invest and purchase new border technology
  • $109 million for inspection equipment that is non-intrusive."
Anthony Scaramucci said that the administration is on "missile lock" when it comes to the wall. “We have a list of campaign promises that are up on Steve Bannon’s wall and we’re going right through those campaign promises and so that we can tell the American people that we are citizen politicians … we’re not career politicians or establishment players that just want to sit in Washington and milk the system.”
Let's Make America Safe Again!

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Anonymous said...

Good news! With all respect to Mr. Spicer,I think that Mr. Scaramucci is a better fit for this job.