Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Former Lake Worth business mentioned in the Washington Post

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Tru-Value Drugs that used to be a business located at 101 N. Federal Highway always looked like a mystery place to me. I never saw any action there...According to the person who answered the phone number listed for that location (you get transferred to some place on Forest Hill Blvd), it closed about 10 months ago.  It never was like a normal business. It was always dark and eerie. Tru-Value says, "Our pharmacists value your business and care about your health, and are ready to serve you with individual attention." Well, they were ready to serve.

Tru-Value in Lake Worth hit the news three days ago on April 1 with an article from the Washington Post.

We have a huge opiate problem here and right in the middle of it was "Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of the highly addictive generic painkiller oxycodone. Some of their distributors as well as some drug stores were selling a large amount of pills.

Ultimately, the DEA and federal prosecutors would contend that the company ignored its responsibility to report suspicious orders as 500 million of its pills ended up in Florida between 2008 and 2012 — 66 percent of all oxycodone sold in the state." And Tru-Value at that location was part of the greedy opiate business it seems.

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Pam was also made aware of the rehabs and their illegal activities yrs ago

Anonymous said...

I went in once and saw a line of addicts waiting their drugs, it was a pill mill. The parking lot was busy with lost souls and other lowlife. I cannot believe the commission couldn't see what was so visible.

Anonymous said...

Lake Worth is toast with this negative attention, letting this go on here has set us up for the OD crisis that we're wasting buckets of money on.