Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Now you can renew Beach Decals by Mail

UPDATE: I just received an e-mail (12:02pm 4-5-17) from that department. Beach decal mail renewals were only sent to current decal holders.

Lake Worth must have a lot of extra money laying around. Everyone with a current decal (corrected) in their name received the following notice yesterday. It didn't have to be a special mailing...it could have gone out with the electric bill. They are making it easy for the guy who just doesn't want to be bothered jumping in his car and going to the City Annex to purchase a decal. This is moving the city forward in their minds.

Do you remember in 2014 with only 50 spaces negotiated with the County for residents only, a motion was made by Commissioner Szerdi to ask staff to amend the ordinance to allow seasonal property owners (not residents) to purchase beach parking decals. If they owned a property and paid taxes, these snowbirds (and they were totally ticked off when they came to that commission meeting) were entitled. They can't vote here unless they are homesteaded. This cost him the election.

Now with this beach decal by mail policy (I don't recall the commission voting on this), it could be more crowded than ever.


Anonymous said...

Whaaaa.... keep crying....... Sad.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, you can see the strategy. It's all about more revenue. Have so many thousands more coming to the beach so that they will have to build a garage where the pool is.

Anonymous said...

9:30am grow up, Pam

Anonymous said...

The city is spending money although they haven't fixed on pothole yet. Amazing. When does that bond committee start?

Anonymous said...

I'm still disgusted that a previous Commission was stupid enough to give away our beach for a mere 5 million dollars-County money that belonged to us the Lake Worth citizens in the FIRST place.(We coughed up the money to the county in a bond. The money was supposed to come back to us . It was no "Gift" from the county)I say screw the rude Frenchies that mistakenly think that we would sink without them.(and please dear GOD after Trump finishes the border wall on the south let him build one on the North. Only Canadians understanding the concept of tipping would be allowed into our country.) Only let RESIDENTS buy a decal. And let residents park anywhere at the beach they want to. As it stands now, I'm not wasting my money to enter the Lake Worth beach parking lottery. I can belong to John D. Macarthur park-which is nicer anyway -for the same amount of money.