Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tonight's Commission Meeting

Other than for six presentations on tonight's agenda, this should be a short meeting. This commission loves "short."  With Christopher McVoy no longer on the dais asking pertinent questions, meetings could be shorter than ever.

Under Consent Agenda: There are only nine items on the Consent Agenda.  We previously wrote about Board appointments. Normally there are twice as many items on Consent that with the city spending multi-millions. Among the few is the CRA wanting to move into the Shuffleboard Court Building. At least the fencing has been re-painted. The city is getting out an Employee Handbook. They are spending $45,000 for a recruiter to find an electric utility director. We definitely need this as they are in the process of spending the $14-16 million left on the bond, upgrading to the 26.4kv.

Under Public Hearings: The City presently contributes to a 401a plan on behalf of its directors and some assistant directors. The amendment will provide greater flexibility for employees who have been in the City’s Pension Plan to make an individual choice regarding their retirement plan upon promotion to an excluded position. Persons newly hired into an excluded position shall not be eligible to participate in the City’s Pension Plan and will be placed in the 401a plan. Recently Deborah Andrea and Juan Ruiz were promoted to exempt positions. I believe in promoting from within whenever possible.

Under New Business: The Audit Process for the 2016 Fiscal Year end began on November 7, 2016 with staff from the auditing firm of Keefe McCullough, CPAs, the City’s independent audit firm, performing interim audit work. The final portion of the audit began in February of 2017, and was completed by March 31, 2017. Hopefully, we will get to see this online tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

St Joan of our Hallowed Lady of CRA was allowed to drone on and on. Fuc$. Can we please start following THE RULES and have no more than TWO presentations per meeting and hold them to the ten minute limit?