Tuesday, July 18, 2017

House Appropriations Committee decisions

So much for Republican promises of making decisions that put American workers first.

The House Appropriations Committee has voted to use taxpayers' dollars to pay the salaries of illegal aliens who the committee decided should be able to compete with Americans for federal jobs. With the work-force participation rate for American millennials remaining abysmally low, the chance of landing a job with the government would be made still more difficult by the Republican-led committee's decision to make them compete with the some 800,000 young-adult recipients of the unconstitutional executive DACA amnesty. [Numbers USA]

Also in the bill:

ObamaCare – The bill includes provisions to stop the IRS from implementing an individual insurance mandate on the American people. The bill also includes a provision prohibiting funds to pay for an abortion or the administrative expenses in connection with a multi-state qualified health plan, with certain exceptions.
Other Legislative Provisions – The legislation contains several policy provisions, including:

  • A prohibition against the use of funds for abortion in the Federal Employee Health Benefits program;
  • A prohibition on funding to require that entities applying for or conducting work under federal contracts disclose campaign contributions;
  • Two provisions related to Cuba: a prohibition on the importation of property confiscated by the Cuban Government, and a prohibition on funds to approve the licensing of a mark, trade name, or commercial name that was confiscated by the Cuban Government without express consent;
  • A prohibition on funding for Treasury to implement a policy limiting the U.S. position on multilateral development banks engaging with developing countries on coal-fired power generation when the policy would limit exports or reduce U.S. jobs.
  • Maintains the six-day mail delivery requirement for the Postal Service.
  • Prohibits funds for the implementation of the Executive Order Establishing a Federal Flood Risk Management Standard.
  • A prohibition related to the Federal Election Commission’s prior approval requirement for corporate trade member association PACs.

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