Thursday, June 1, 2017

Paris Climate Accord

By Lu Venci from his Facebook page

So you won't see this on CNN. Here is a post I just saw and had to share.
  • 1.) The Paris Climate Accord was NEVER ratified by Congress, which is constitutionally required. Even #Democrats did NOT want to vote for this deal, which should tell you something. Therefore the will of the American people was never checked on the signing of such a deal
  • 2.) It allows other countries/parties to start litigation against US companies and products for not meeting environmental standards invented in Paris for the cause of addressing climate change, which can destroy US jobs and the economy. These standards will not be vetted by the US government for approval. It also can be abused for foreign policy advantages
  • 3.) The Paris Accord SURRENDERS environmental standards and laws that impact the lives of Americans to a foreign (European) body, not our constitutional and representative US government. Something that Obama (again a self-proclaimed constitutional scholar who seems to have skipped such classes) was perfectly and knowingly okay with
  • 4.) It's bad math and does all of the above with the hope and small chance of attempting, but not guaranteeing success, of spending $100 TRILLION to impact and lower temperatures by 0.3 degree F. #WishfulThinking #BadOdds #PaperAccomplishments
  • 5.) For liberals who loved executive orders/treaties by #Obama, but loathe it hypocritically for #Trump, a president can easily undo executive orders/treaties as fickle as they see fit. Hence why CONSTITUTIONAL ratification by Congress is the lasting way to do things, but Obama (a self-proclaimed constitutional scholar) never wanted to compromise and work with Congress to do so
Thank God for the courage and an outsider president like Trump willing to go against the grain, the bad press, dishonest media, and religious environmental zealots who view the destruction of a non-substantive paper accomplishment as the feigned cries of the world ending.


Anonymous said...

I am sure my president will make the right decision SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN MR PRESIDENT

Mike said...

Thank God President Trump decided to get out of this anti-American agreement promoted by radical Muslim loving Obama.