Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vacation Rentals - Suit in Miami

If you didn't have it in your code of ordinances before 2011, you can't ban vacation rentals, so says the suit in Miami.

This is the same year that the city of Lake Worth refers to when it talks about mooting our Heights referendum that restricted heights in our downtown. The lawsuit in Miami was brought on by some homeowners and Airbnb joined the suit. It largely centers around the commission’s decision and a state law passed in 2011 which prohibits cities and municipalities from banning vacation rental homes unless those laws already existed.

Miami outlawed Airbnb as an illegal nuisance but the petitioners say "not so," and even are citing First Amendment rights. Basically they say that you should be able to do anything you want with your own property (property rights) and screw city codes. All of these rentals escalated since the Sober Homes scam came into existence.

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Ok, Glen, figure it out. We paid you $748k last year. You went to town on the Heights.


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Hey ,can I open a titty bar/tattoo joint next door to the Mayor???

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Great News