Monday, March 11, 2013

Anthony Pugliese

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A judge Monday agreed to return the passports of Delray Beach developer Anthony Pugliese and his business manager Joseph Reamer as they await trial on charges they stole nearly $1.2 million from Subway franchise founder Fred DeLuca in a failed land development.

Pugliese is accused of creating fake companies and doctoring phony invoices to get money from DeLuca — which he allegedly spent on personal items such as a high-tech stereo system and a “moat chiller” for his Gulfstream mansion. Reamer is accused of helping with the alleged thefts.

Read more... about Anthony who was rumored at one time to want to develop our Lake Worth beach.


Anonymous said...

Yep the City Commission voted and approved to give Pugliese a six month exclusive right to submit development plans on the beach. Pugliese utilized former mayor Dorsey as an inside consultant to help "navigate" the City politics. Ramiccio ran against then Mayor Romano and won based on a platform to save our beach from Pugliese and other evil developers. You just can't make this stuff up in Lake Worth.

The Little Dutch Boy said...

Ananonymous said...
to remind them that people like Greg Rice and Loretta and Pam Triolo and John Szerdi and Scott Maxwell and Andi Amoroso and Wes Blackman should have no place in the life of the city going forward.
March 11, 2013 at 6:26 PM

Lynn Anderson said...

Anonymous at 9:32--you have the WRONG facts. Check the PB post. check your facts before posting LIES. it was Romano.

Anonymous said...

Pugliese, a good friend of Shannon Materio. We sure do have a lot of corruption here.

Lynn Anderson said...

To the person who keeps talking about a Dorsey connection with Pugliese--again, your charges are untrue. If you want to make false charges, come over here with your own name and then comment. Ask Ramiccio about selling carpeting to the Gulfstream hotel. Ask Betty Resch why she r4esigned as city attorney. You folks need to STOP THE LIES.

Pugliese wanted to build a hotel on our beach.