Friday, June 2, 2017

Supreme Court petitioned to reinstate Trump's Vetting Policy

"DOJ petitioned the US Supreme Court on Thursday to reinstate President Trump’s extreme vetting policy, which was blocked by injunction by three federal judges, all of whom have proven to be robed political hacks for the Democrat Party, two of them from the famed far left Ninth Circuit.

All three judges usurped the executive authority of the President of the United States, effectively appointing themselves President, clearly impeachable offenses, in my opinion.

One of the judges who ruled against President Trump’s extreme vetting policy was not only a partisan Democrat but also a bundler/fundraiser for the Democrat Party, while another, Derrick Watson, had dinner with Harvard classmate Barack Hussein the night before he ruled to block President Trump’s executive authority."



Anonymous said...

This will be interesting when it comes before the court.

Anonymous said...

If they actually follow the Constitution
it's a no-brainer