Monday, June 5, 2017

Only One View at the Palm Beach Post - Left

The Palm Beach Post must wonder why subscriptions have fallen but they should know.

The Palm Beach Post has a section on their Opinion page entitled "Two Views." One is from the Left politically speaking and the other, according to the Post, is written from a conservative point of view or from the Right.

Would you be surprised to learn that they never have a conservative point of view and continue to bundle writers from The New York Times and The Washington Post, two totally liberal rags, on the Right opinion side of the page. They even have Charles Krauthammer, an anti Trump writer, writing an opinion piece for the Right.

Today they even went so far as to feature a Trump hater in the Lake Worth section, a section that is not supposed to be about featuring theirs or someone's left wing politics. And I agree with the artist when she says. "Our democracy and way of life are really being challenged right now." It is people like her and the left-wing news media that are the problems.

And one would think, with all this hype and fantasy about a Trump Russian connection, that Putin's statements in the Megyn Kelly interview would have been on page 1 today.

A few weeks ago they were finally honest and didn't bother hiding their bias especially against President Trump.

Their Two Views Section with two articles supposedly with different points of view were both From the Left...something all of us have known for years, but this time they were honest and told us its was "From the Left."


Mike said...

Today's disgusting and fake news inspired cartoon is pushing me close to cancelling my subscription.
And featuring the political, anti-Trump artist in the Lake Worth Monday section is another nail in the coffin of this rag.

Anonymous said...

The Two Views thing was obviously a typo-but it was the most honest thing printed in the Post in years!