Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lake Osborne Waterworks vs. City of Lake Worth

Last night, Glen Torcivia, city attorney, announced that he would be having a closed session on June 20th regarding the "Lake Osborne Water, lawsuit." This involves a bulk water agreement.

This is a suit that was first filed  in July 2014 on what the plaintiffs believed to be unreasonable and discriminatory water rates. The Plaintiff said they were filing for damages to compensate for overcharges dating to October 2008 that involved Lake Osborne Estates. Prior to them servicing that community, Aqua Utilities Florida Inc. was the company involved between the City and Lake Osborne Estates.

Lake Osborne Waterworks, a company that buys water from Lake Worth and distributes it through their pipes, sells it to Lake Osborne Estates.  The single family residences in Lake Osborne Estates are charged as if they are multi-users and the rates they pay are astronomical.

A non-jury trial was scheduled for June 5, 2017 but now the parties have apparently agreed to settle as of June 1, 2017..

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Anonymous said...

LW has been screwing my neighborhood for years.