Saturday, April 8, 2017

What do you think of Term Limits?

Thursday night, the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County met at the Atlantis Country Club. The speaker was the President of, Mr. Philip Blumel. His group wants three, 2 year terms for the House and two, 6 year terms for the Senate. No more elected officials in there for 20 or 30 years.

A few years ago, Philip Blumel challenged David Levy in his filing for the Palm Beach Gardens race and in his desire to run another term. If you recall, Levy had served two terms and then quit to run for County Commissioner. After losing to Hal Valeche, Levy ran again and won a spot on the City Council eventually losing it later from an Appellate Court decision. Palm Beach Gardens’ charter prevents City Council members from serving more than two consecutive terms. Their terms are 3 years each and we voted in 3 year terms this past March in Lake Worth.

The purpose of term limits is to cut down on public corruption. Thomas Jefferson believed that whenever officers of government look upon their office for the benefits they can gain from it, this longing contributes to corruption in high office.

Personally I have mixed feelings about the duration of term limits as proposed by Mr. Blumel. What do you think? Should officials be in office for life if that's the will of the people? Or is the "will of the people" manipulated by special interests and $$$? Christopher McVoy was in office for 6 years and the people decided that change was needed in spite of the fact he was an honest politician.


Anonymous said...

like term limits.mAxell needs to go.may bePam too.

Anonymous said...

if Pam Andy Scott and the employees were honest they would have voted in term limits BEFORE they asked us to increase there terms. But these people are not honest so oh well.