Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ruth Ginsburg - We are in trouble folks!

It's a bitch getting old. And some people I know love to remind me of my age, the only personal attack they basically have towards me for my conservative views. They love to punch you in the stomach and all those who disagree with them. I don't like ageing one little bit, BUT when you start to lose your marbles...



Anonymous said...

It's NOT about your conservative views, it's just about you, dummy! Clueless! sad.

Lynn Anderson said...

The only person showing ignorance is you!
Ginsburg referred to Lindsey Graham as a woman.
That's what this video is about.

So, who is "clueless and sad?" You still don't understand policy here.

Knock off your name calling. Go to bed. 10:43--past your little bedtime.