Monday, April 10, 2017

Rebellious open defiance in Arizona

It is incredible how stupid and evil people can be in this country. They take advantage of our first Amendment and see life through a twisted prism.

Arizona is one screwed up place right now. It had the most wonderful governor ever with Jan Brewer and in Maricopa County, the best sheriff with Joe Arpaio. Both of them were against illegal immigration and protecting our borders--both supporters of Donald Trump. Trump won Arizona with 48.1% of the vote and took all 11 electoral votes.

Now you have some nitwit liberal erecting a billboard in Phoenix equating Donald Trump, our 45th president, to Nazism.

Read about it...


Anonymous said...

This is very disrespectful to our president. I'm sick of the snide comments from every pink hatter.

Anonymous said...

maybe the pbso deputy that had a church board taken down has enugh push to take this one down