Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hudson Holdings and its bullshit statement

“That the public overwhelmingly voted in people who have a positive, long-term outlook for growth is telling you what the residents want. This was a very pivotal election for that city. We feel a lot more comfortable and a lot more confident.”

~ Steven Michael, Principal of Hudson holdings

This guy has had more excuses over the last several years for not proceeding. This one really takes the cake telling us it is the election that was the decision for him taking the hotel property off the selling block...the people voted in Omari Hardy and Herman Robinson who favor growth, he says. It only takes a majority on the dais to approve of anything here. The minority commissioners were never an impediment for anything relative to Hudson Holdings and The Gulfstream Hotel. They both believed in growth but believed in democracy first and foremost--the vote of the people. Hudson could have saved its campaign contributions.

Both former commissioners were advocates of the vote on the heights referendum of 45 feet in that area. This lawsuit never had anything to do with The Gulfstream Hotel and why the city continues to imply it did, is a flat out fabrication. The commissioners were so hell bent on having The Gulfstream Hotel opened for business that they made the referendum all about that and preyed on people's emotions. The vote had everything to do with the height creep that will now take place in those several blocks and spread like an octopus.

It just shows that it is near to impossible to ever fight developers, city hall and those elected officials who believe that the tax dollar is more important than quality of life and small town charm and that a developer is more important than the vote of the people.  Perhaps a ban on receiving any campaign contributions from developers, lobbyists for developers, lawyers for developers, financial institutions for developers, etc. would be appropriate.

Why anyone believes trampling on democracy--the vote--especially in a democratic held city by those who are always screaming for the rights of the people, should be a mystery to us all.


Anonymous said...

How long has it been? 3 years? Can't remember but it seems like forever when he first came to town and said he was going to have the hotel renovated in nine months. Everyone fell for it. The commission especially fell for it. The Historic board fell for it with Herman Robinson as chair. Right now the economy has turned and he probably can get the money more easily than he could a few years ago. He needs to sell that property and get out from under it. A hotel will never fly in this town.

Anonymous said...

The hotel now looks like the city falling apart faster then ever--who would ever stay at gulf stream hotel and pay money---to see trash all around you-----drug dealing---prostitution in park bathrooms still going on---homeless begging--fighting--and don't forget needles on ground and people looking like their dead-----mayor Pam and the others are to blame on getting nothing done -just proving how useless this commision has been for decades---the proff---Look around and open your eyes

Anonymous said...

Poor stupid people with all their hopes and dreams of getting a hotel restored.They threw the voters under the bus for a pipe dream.I was one of those voters and nothing they have done or said can change my mind.I will believe it when I see it.

Anonymous said...

"It just goes to show that it is near impossible to evre fight developers, city hall and those elected officials". Who threw the case out on it's azz? Developers, city hall or elected officials? No it was the law. Maybe you sore loser snowflakes should organize a protest. Like the "circle of light" that saved the casino building. Or try filing even more FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS that will get thrown out of court. legal eagles.

Lynn Anderson said...

Regardless of this post facto law, the commission could have honored the vote, anonymous at 1:18. It didn't.
And the lawsuit was NOT frivolous. It went to the Appellate Court. Sometimes you win; sometimes you don't but one never seems to win against developers, at least not in Florida.
If you are passionate about something, take a stand. That's what we did with the Circle of Light. At least enough of the building was saved to keep it right where it needed to be.

Steve said...

3 appellate judges sided with developers, as usual.

One of the 3,Judge Ciklin, is the brother of Attorney Ciklin, the firm whose attorney soaked the City for a amillion taxpayer dollars to tell us to pay the flip-flam man over another 1.4 million to settle his lawsuit.

This appellate court is in bed with City attorneys and developers.

Florida is a sunny place for shady people.

Lynn Anderson said...

Peter Willard got $1.6 million from us because Torcivia wanted to settle. Agree with you, Steve.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet $1,000 that Michael will not renovate the historic hotel.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you $1.00 that John G's is leaving Lake Worth.

Anonymous said...

I'm really afraid of the big bad octopus and its strangling tentacles encompassing the whole hotel district with a bunch of 6 story skyscrapers, blotting out the sun and blocking all the sea breeze from anything West of Ocean Breeze (Formerly O Street).

I have welcomed the lawsuit that was brought on by the CAVEers (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) and have said many times that I would endorse the decision. Even if it held that the city was wrong in following the law.

That apparently is not the case with the cavers. Now it is developer judges. Yes we should hold Hudson's feet to the fire and get the project moving. A five story building next to that 85' tall historic structure wan't be the demise of our little quaint town.

Lynn Anderson said...

It was about the vote, anonymous. The "hotel district" was formed after our vote.

Anonymous said...

Ciklin????? Jesus Christ . HO HO HO and I don't mean Merry Christmas.Too bad they couldn't demand a new judge. Corruption County is alive and well and seated on the bench.