Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blood on the Gymnasium Floor

Minneapolis is under siege by Somalian refugees. This, too, could come to a city near you if we don't change our refugee program. We'll see how Trump's executive order plays out.

"In fiscal 2016, the highest number of refugees from any nation came from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congo accounted for 16,370 refugees followed by Syria (12,587), Burma (aka Myanmar, with 12,347), Iraq (9,880) and Somalia (9,020). Over the past decade, the largest numbers of refugees have come from Burma (159,692) and Iraq (135,643)." 39,000 Muslims entered our country and none of them want to assimilate. American taxpayers pay for them all--housing, food, healthcare, etc.

The Democratic Caucus Meltdown in Minneapolis. This should never happen in America.

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Anonymous said...

This pox on our society is largely being hidden by the news media, it is complicit with our enemies and some of the worst are the neo feminists.