Saturday, February 16, 2013

Growth Control Initiative goes to Council

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In spite of how screwed up California is in so many respects, some of the people have it together and have challenged politicians on heights and on zoning issues. It is a constant challenge with elected officials because once they get elected or appointed to city boards, they automatically know better than the rest of us and get hard of hearing. Take this as an example:

In San Diego, one thing that the people are up in arms about is development and they want a say on it. The citizens have proposed an initiative that would require a public vote to change a property’s zoning or increase its housing density. It also would set a citywide height limit of two stories, or 30 feet tall, for all buildings, except for some medical development projects and high school structures, the city attorney wrote in a summary the council will review Wednesday. City officials as well as the building industry are against the citizens ballot initiative. Of course they are.

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Weetha Peebull said...

Wow - these representatives get the people's right to decide!

No one liked it when Bush said "He was the decider".

Gonna need the chambers on Wed for the joint meeting on Community Benefits - I mean the Trojan Horse I see going in our LDR's are just like LDR's ALL over the US. Thank God the people are saying no the EXACT SAME TROJAN HORSES".

They are winning and doing so well - the APA had a series of 'Boot Camp" videos to help defeat those who disagree and give very specific instructions on how to defeat them. Great stuff for a plan "Agenda 21" that didn't exist for years and now it does and it's just fine for everyone.

An APA article I read said nearly 85% had no idea what Agenda 21 was and the rest were split between agree and disagree!

But ask anyone what the "Vision" is for Lake Worth and most look at you strange. It's because it is not original and is the same cookie cutter plan everybody is getting! If it were truly a person's vision - they'd know it by heart, no?

The Emperor (Agenda 21) has no clothes and this little girl see's it! Has for awhile and it is playing out just as the maestro is directing it from the UN - Yes the United Nations - UGH!