Monday, November 13, 2017

Medical Marijuana Dispensary to open in Lake Worth

Get prepared all you pot users. Lake Worth has the proud distinction of having the first medical marijuana dispensary in Palm Beach County to open at Noon on Tuesday at 1 South Dixie Highway directly across from City Hall, right in the heart of our city.

Knox Medical is head-quarterd in Miami. They say that "they are committed to ensuring that patients can access consistent and pure medical marijuana, in a professional setting, from the highest level of industry experts." The state has licensed seven organizations to grow, distribute and sell it. Approved doctors are charging around $200 for a patient visit in order to get a prescription and there is a 90 day waiting period for pot patients.

Some 250 counties and municipalities in Florida have blocked pot shops from opening within their borders.[PBPost] And unlike other municipalities, Lake Worth didn't pass a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries until March 2017. Too late for this one and the one that is going up on North Dixie Highway directly across from a Charter School.

And guess won't have to pay any sales tax on this stuff. We are going to be amazed at all the people in pain roaming around our town.


Anonymous said...

Will the first customer be Dustin Zacks?

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourselves. This was in the works long ago. Certain merchants,Commissioners and state legislators targeted our fine city several years ago. Just keep electing the same people. A cash only business,and the bag man only has to walk across the street. SWEET!! IDIOTS !

Anonymous said...

All this talk of waiting and restrictions are smoke and mirrors that $200 "fee" to the "doctor" will be paid by insurance. This is a quick gateway to recreational dope. Our citizens will be weakened couch potatoes. We'll be seeing more ER visits from accidents and misuse: legitimate patients will have to wait their turn.