Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Bunch of Clowns

A clown painting by John Wayne Gacy,
the most notorious serial killer in history

If you weren’t an activist when you moved here, I will guarantee that you will be after you have any inkling of what is going on. It used to be fairly easy to discern: those wanting slow growth and small town charm versus those who wanted to give our city away to the highest bidder. Now everyone is confused. Now there are some (even city commissioners) on the slow growth side of the spectrum who want to give away our city too. The difference is, they want to give it away to anyone who doesn’t want to pay for it. Which is worse?

We now have a new grassroots organization headquartered in Lake Worth, the Grassroots Activist Center. This will be a center that will attract every activist ever thought of around these parts. Carol Strick, an artist and member of the Environmental Coalition, wants to show art there by criminals behind bars. She said, “You have to live this sorrow to be able to understand it.” She was talking about people behind bars that are there for doing crimes against society, even murder! She wants to "change the public's perception about the prisoners." They are criminals, Carol! My only regret is that most of them do not do enough time.

Are we a bunch of clowns, or what?

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