Thursday, December 31, 2009

Democrats continue to Confuse

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Below is an e-mail just received--Besides writing to the WRONG PERSON, $143,000 isn't enough for this guy.

Lynn --

Karen couldn't have said it better: 2010 is about making history in Florida, and I know we can do it. But, with a little more than 12 hours left in 2009, we also can make a little Florida Democratic Party history of our own.

I looked up our reports this morning, and as of right now, you have generously given $143,000 in online donations this year. I know we can reach $150,000 by midnight, if just a few more of you help us make history.

Thanks for all you've done!

- Scott

Scott Arceneaux
Executive Director
Florida Democratic Party


kkss21 said...

Lynn, maybe Scott has a "Monk" thing going on. 150,000 is even,smooth and inviting. 143.000 is just plain wild and raggedy!

kkss21 said...

P.S. Lynn-if you have been holding out on us,I need to say-Give me some money RIGHT NOW ! I would even settle for 100,000! Come on, LYNN!!!!!!