Monday, September 24, 2018

The Political Take-down - Using the Sleaze Factor

This is what it's come to in America--bimbo dirty tactics by Democrats. We have the porn queen and her creepy attorney who says he wants to run for president. Where do the Democrats find these people? Now we have BS sexual assault charges from decades ago against the President's nominee for the Supreme court. Kavanaugh was on the short list for two years.

Even if there was evidence, which there is none, these allegations are not prosecutable. Democrats have managed to destroy a fine person's career and life. Congratulations, Democrats. You now will NEVER win in November. No one will trust you again...even decent Democrats will be hesitant to cast a vote for any of your candidates.

Second sexual-misconduct accusation rocks Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh

Blasey-Ford's crap was rapidly going down the tubes. The Democrats had to come up with another bimbo to fight dirty and stop the nomination of Kavanaugh. This woman, Deborah Ramirez, has a story 1,000% more disgusting. Democrats had to come up with a shocker. The Judiciary Committee says it will investigate this latest BS.

I want the Judiciary Committee to proceed with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh this week and stand up to the mob.

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