Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Settlement Agreed - Morganti and REG on our Casino Repairs

Tempers flew from the dais last night on the proposed settlement agreement regarding our Casino building.

On a 4/1 vote with Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell saying "hell no," (he has little to no tolerance with anything pertaining or remotely connected to our beach), the commission has given Morganti and REG six more months to correct the deficiencies on the water intrusion and ponding of water associated with the second floor deck and the windows and/or doors at the Casino.

If Scott Maxwell thought that the two new commissioners were going to rubber stamp him on every issue, he has discovered that Robinson and Hardy are independent thinkers, not his hopeful little puppets. The mayor even lost her cool on several occasions and had to get the dais back on track as a few were wandering and diverting from the subject at hand.

Morganti and REG have 6 months to correct the problems. There will be no cost to the city and all legal fees to date will be paid from the settlement. Thank you commissioners for voting for this agreement.


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Scott vote for this?

Lynn Anderson said...

More than likely it is because it has been going on too long without results. It is more than annoying. They need to get it corrected this time.

Anonymous said...

Just a guess.... he was against the whole beach plan saying it couldn't be financed like it was presented, the three scenarios were not realistic and he seems to have been right on those points. The original building never had an upstairs restaurant and that square footage was used to justify the revenue projections along with leaving out the pool in the calculations making it a "renovation" and not a demolition and reconstruct.

Additionally, the amount of revenue that has been lost by not being able to rent the space due to construction defects, just them fixing it 4 years later seem to be a little short on the compensation due the city.

He may have a few more reasons and he should have voted to accept the deal but his no vote was in keeping with his objections all along. Really a protest vote.

Lynn Anderson said...

1:25...good assumption.

Anonymous said...

Maxwell ,for some reason(Hudson Holdings)? seems hell bent on not moving forward in the best interests of Lake Worth when it comes to OUR beach. It was revealed by Commissioner Hardy that a well coordinated effort behind the scenes was trying to ruin any effort to repair our casino and finally move forward.Even without Commissioner Hardy, it was plain to everyone what was going on last night.One citizen who is a regular at the meetings (the one acting as a conduit behind the scenes)? even had a state statute ready to read. Even though this distraction had nothing to do with the agenda item last night,Commissioner Amoroso eagerly played his part in trying to throw up smoke and mirrors to bring repairs at the beach to a halt. Commissioner Hardy and the Mayor brought the farce to a halt. Even Robinson must have recognized that the jig was up. Scenarios like we all saw last night only reinforce the need for a strong IG office.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think you are wrong in your assessment. Especially, Omari and Herman were just elected. I've had conversations with them and they are truly wanting to do the right thing for the city.

Difficult decision. Regardless which you decide, you will piss off a whole bunch of people. Welcome to small town politics.

Me: Spending half a million tax payer's dollars and still end up with an outdated, second rate facility that actually functions as a community swimming pool. It will still cost several hundred thousand of tax payer dollars per year to maintain.

All this on our most valuable piece of property which has the potential to be the exact opposite of a drain.

Lynn Anderson said...

the DRAIN is because of the the mis-management of this facility.