Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ending Chain Migration

[Numbers USA] When a mainstream media outlet calls for an end to Chain Migration, the debate over legal immigration is heading in the right direction!

Earlier this week, the editorial board for the nation's largest newspaper, USA Today, offered a quasi-endorsement of Pres. Trump's proposal to move the legal immigration system away from favoring extended family connections and towards placing a greater emphasis on one's skills.

Although I disagree with the writer on his opinion that Trump has a bad idea on building the wall and his immigration temporary travel ban, read USA Today's article, Merit Based System. The answer is to trim family immigration and increase the number of immigrants picked for their employment qualifications.

Family reunification allows U.S. citizens and immigrants (Lawful Permanent Resident or "Green card" holders) to petition for visas for their immediate relatives and immigration has quadrupled since the 1960's. Wikipedia

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Anonymous said...

Anchor baby citizenship NEEDS TO STOP.You never see a female immigrant in lake Worth without one kid in a stroller,two trailing alongside Mom,and one in the oven.Enough.