Friday, March 17, 2017

Message from Christopher McVoy

To all of you, old-timers and first-timers, thank you so much!

Thank you for committing your time and energy to what we all believe would have been the betterment of Lake Worth. We campaigned hard and for a good cause. I am very grateful for the help that each of you gave. I firmly believe that we should always strive to do the right thing, regardless of outcome. Each of you did exactly that. Thank you very, very much.
- Christopher

P.S. I received the email below from a resident unknown to me. It reminded me of why we work so hard for our city:
----- "Chris:
I was really disappointed when I saw that you did not get re-elected. You have done an outstanding job for the City and I am thankful. I kind of sensed you were the reality check for the mayor, Maxwell, and Amoroso. My concern is that I think the two newly elected commissioners are basically of the same mindset, which is not a good thing for the City of Lake Worth.

So, the advice I need is, how to keep the City of Lake Worth mayor and commissioners accountable. Do I have to go to every meeting or is there anyone there that is looking out for us residents? You will be missed by all of us residents."


Grass roots volunteering is a big part of what sets us apart -- thank you again for everything you did during this campaign.
- Christopher


Anonymous said...

Our grassroots is failing. Corruption and special interests have taken over our city. Rude people too.

May said...

Maybe you need to reach out to people who are slightly different than you.
Sam Goodstein

Lynn Anderson said...

Maybe we just have to get the vote out. We didn't this time. An extremely honest and smart man was defeated. The question is, "why?" People in this city are very scared of dissent to the point of maligning a good person. Pretty sick if you ask me. So, tell me why should I reach out to those sorts of people?

Anonymous said...

McVoy, like Maryann lost votes because of your support. This town does not want and will no longer vote for candidate's supported by you and your little fan club. 18 votes between a run-off and Omari's win. You cost McVoy those votes and more.

Lynn Anderson said...

@11:20--as usual, you don't know what in heck you're talking about.

John said...

18 votes? It's not what the heck are you talking about it's What the F*CK are you talking about? You're in alternative world at 11:20.

MIKE said...

Lake Worth ignores the politicians so they get away with whatever they want to do.

They ignored roads for decades then socked a $40 million bill to us to pay for their ineptitude.

Lynn did her best to point out the wrongs of the Commissioners and the candidates they put up in order to have a 5 person vote on their devious desires, but only 12% of the registered voters showed up to cast a ballot so the Robinson and Hardy money swung the vote their way.

Thank you Lynn for your wonderful blog and for having the strength to support Donald Trump in Democrat Lake Worth and for supporting moral candidates in Lake Worth and Palm Beach County.

Anonymous said...

11:41 - 18 votes is correct. Omari needed to win 50% + 1 vote. In this case, it came down to 18 votes.